Some Lexicon DC-2 info ref HD-DVD


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Probably not much use to many but:

The Lexixon DC-2 accepts the 1.5MPS DTS signal that the Toshiba HD-DVD player outputs.

It sounds better than normal DD or DTS. My wife noticed it straight away.

I was a bit worried as the carpet fitter spied my lexicon and said he had to sell his as it would not lock onto the downmixed DTS signal from Hi Def.

Don't know if this was ever a big question for anybody or not, but thought it would be worth posting the info.
The MC1 can be upgraded with a 6 channel input in the form of a DB25 plug so you can listen to the lossless soundtracks (Dolby True HD & LPCM anyway...). I'm not sure wether the DC2 can be though. Carry out a search on this forum and you will probably find shedloads of info on it...


Yeah I have MC-1, I guess could go for the 7.1 upgrade getting rid of composite inputs...but no need until I get a combo BR/HD.


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I was just posting in case anyone was concerned if it would lock onto the 1.5mps signal.

I know it's not hi-def audio and I need the analogue input mod and a player with onboard decoder.

Just saying it's a step up in sound quality over standard DD or DTS.

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