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Some Help With Set up please


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Hi all

This is my first post

I wonder if you can help, I am moving into a new house next weekend and I want to set my Home entertainment system up in the best possible way!!

The kit consists of

1 x Samsung 32inch LCD has 3x HDMI slots
1 x PS3
1 x Home entertainment PC (Philips)- has my DVD Collection on
1 x SKY + Box
1 x Samsung HT-TX35R
1 x Samsung DVD Recorder

Ideally i would like them all to run through the HT-TX35R

Any ideas on the best way to set the system up and what type of cables to use to get the best possible sound and Picture?

A problem i have encountered so far is the PC is connected to the TV via HDMI and i get no sound any ideas? The sound card on the PC does work through PC speakers

Thanks and I appreciate your help:)


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Depending on your graphics card, PC to Tv wont normally carry sound over hdmi, you need a seperate audio cable.

The HT-TX35R has very limited inputs, only a stereo aux input and a optical input. Depending on your tv your best bet is to connect this to the aux input on the HT-TX35R. and your ps3, sky+ and dvd will need to have a splitter to share the optical input on the HT-TX35R.

For video, sky+ and dvd use scart and ps3,pc and HT-TX35R use hdmi. This should allow for 5.1 sound from sky,ps3,dvd.

Without knowing the spec of the pc's soundcard and graphics card i'm not sure if full 5.1 is available.

Its always hard to start adding lots of equipment to a one box cinema system, your always better off getting a AV amp and speaker package.


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As the above poster has said, you're going to struggle to route all that kit through an all-in-one. That's their biggest limitation. Maplins, TV cables etc. sell switching units.


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Thanks for the quick response the graphics card is a Intel 945 Graphics card which i imagine is not very good!!!

Thanks for the advice on the rest of the set up i will be buying the equipment you suggest:thumbsup:


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