Some help needed !! Powerstrip settings


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I am quite new to the HTPC scene , but have my system up an running quite well without too much trouble ...

I have just got a new Sim2 Domino20 projector and have some difficulty getting the resolution sorted out.

My system includes .......

P4 2.8Ghz , 1GB ram , 160 GB HD , Windows XP , AIW 9700 pro

Showshifter 3

Sweetspot video capture card

Xcard hardware decoder card

NTL digital

Toshiba picture frame TV (38")

Sim2 Domino projector + 8ft screen

WORKING.... I use the Xcard to output a YUV 15hz signal from the DVD to my projector. The 16:9 picture fills the whole screen, and looks amazing !!

NOT WORKING ...... When I use the pass through cable from the the AIW to the Xcard and then project the desktop onto the projector I get a 4:3 picture , which I suppose is what I should expect since the desktop is set to 600x800 for the TV (Athough the picture is quite small on the screen, and the projector won't allow me to make it any bigger)

What I want to know it how to change it to 16:9 , and fill the whole screen . I think I need to use powerstrip to change the resolution to 1024x576 which is the native resolution for the projector but I just can't get it to work. There is a resolution settings in power strip , but I think these are for HDtv and don't seem to work properly.

Please help, this is the last big hurdle !!



have you tried using the dvi ouput to the projector if it has one
if this works ok ,then setting the powerstrip settings is the next step


David PluggedIn

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Hi Gaz

You need to connect the projector to the VGA card directly, and use powerstrip to create the custom resolution so that you get a 1:1 desktop.
When you have this working correctly, then rather than using the VGA capability in Xcard and the passthrough feature, you will instead connect it via PDI to SweetSpot, and view everything via DScaler (DVD via the PDI input, NTL via RGB input)
Furthermore, you can feed ShowShifter from SweetSpot for RGB recordings from NTL.

all the best


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Hi Dave !!

Thanks for the advice - I will give it a go over the next week or so, but I am sure I will need to ask some more questions !!

Any helpful advice on the powerstrip settings for 1024x576. Not quite sure how to set up powerstrip for 1:1.


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