some help for buying a new home cinema system.


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i have a budget of 60£ can expand the budget to £100 MAX if its worth it. im not very rich so i cant afford anything very good. but i want to get the best amount for my money. it must be 5.1, and have 1 phono input so i can plug in my dvd player into it. 2 would be a bonus though. if it was a dvd player, that would be a bigger bonus. and anything else is good. this a present for my parents so if it was a known brand, that would be good, i know goodmans might be better and cheaper, but i dont want to look like some stingy son lol.
all suggestions are welcome, so online or not online is good. :thumbsup:


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yer, i thought that might be a problem. but there were a few in argos for like 40£ ish. well any opinions or ideas are still welcome. but as i said im not looking for anything amazing, i know with my budget i wont get much. but there must be something in that price range?


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This has been suggested in one of the other threads :

Not bad for 80 quid seeing that you get a VCR, DVD player & speakers. Though I'm sure stocks are limited & you should check out the spec of this model to see what it has & what it does :)

There's also the Acoustics Solution's package someone has seen for £40. This in effect is what seems to be a 5.1 surround system with built in amp (built-in to the sub).

The ebay trader for the above Acoustics system is discounts-101.

The manual for this system which is also sold by Argos is here :

OK it doesn't have a DVD player but looking around the joint you'd soon be able to rustle up something half-decent for around £50 or so.

Hope this helps.


Your budget is too small to get anything half decent, unfortunately. :)

dont be disheartened tho mate, i am sure for £100 you will find something more than adequate. If your parents are anything like mine, they wont judge you on what make it is, and will be chuffed with whatever you get them.

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