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Some help for a clueless old guy please? XBox 360 and Scart...


Novice Member
Hello everyone

Hopefully someone can help or advise with this...

I have bought an XBox 360 for my kids for christmas (not the latest model I know, but they're only 6 and want to play minecraft and the like!).

I also happened to have a (very) old 42" Plasma in their playroom, which is one of the reasons I went with a 360 - as i knew it had scart output, and this TV doesn't have HDMI.

So, I got the Xbox today, tried it in the scart input in a newer TV downstairs, and all worked fine. Then, when I took it to the playroom to check, there was just no picture at all on the 42" Plasma - tried both scart inputs, cycled through all source options on the TV etc, all to no avail.

As I say, the TV is old (about 12 years old) and is a Hitachi 42PMA225EZ Plasma Display - I've attached the specs of the TV

It's likely (I hope) I just need a different kind of lead, or to connect it through composite (which I note in the specs does PAL60 - which, when I tested minecraft on the newer TV, the Xbox told me it needed to be set to to play the game) - but I'm fairly clueless and out of touch with this stuff (I was a big gamer in my youth and knew all this stuff inside out, but don't have a clue any more!)

Hopefully someone can help!



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What I would do is not bother with scart at all. I am unsure what is causing your issue, but I would get the 360 vga adapter, then a vga to dvi converter. Then plug it into the dvi port of the tv. That way you will get the best picture quality. As I know that the picture didn't look great through a scart connection, and text could be difficult to read.


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Would that one I linked in my last post not do the job (have already ordered it) - and would it be that it wouldn;t do it at all, or would just be marginally poorer quality?

Thanks for all the help!


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if you have them coloured circles think white, red , yellow plug into them. should work a treat. sure thats what i did before hdmi.


Distinguished Member
Component (red, green, blue) or VGA should do the job nicely if your TV has those inputs.

Composite (yellow) I believe will give the worst image, RGB Scart would be an improvement, but not sure either would be worth tolerating today.

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