Some from my trip to Italy


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Have been in Italy with the uni for the last few days. Wasn't spending loads of time setting up photo's, waiting for right light etc so these are just really a few of the quick snaps I grabbed when I had the chance.

You can see more photos from the trip in my flickr

All photo's have their exif embedded so can be viewed with the Opanda firefox plugin

#1 - Cremona Station

#2 - Can't remember what this stunning place was called but it was just next to Milan cathedral

#3 - Interior of Milan Cathedral (HDR)

#4 - This was taken at one of the exhibition halls in Milan. It was bacically an entirely white half of a room with the roof, walls and ceilings blended in. So I couldn't resist cracking out my 430ex on full power and bouncing it off the roof to get some studio style pictures. This was one of my faves.

#5 - I think you can guess where these are from!!






As I say there's plenty more on my flickr (and considerably more on my HDD!!)

C&C most welcome :)


Some fab ones there mate.:thumbsup:

Love all the gondela shots,especially the one when your looking down on the passengers.And the first two.actually I love them all:thumbsup:


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Great shots .. C& C?

Nah.. just wishin I was there:thumbsup:


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No 3 is the best for me just because I keep wondering what that woman on the right was doing LOL I'm guessing she was having a stretch at the time. Superb shots and as senu says "wishin I was there"


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I like these. Particularly #3, #7 and #9. Certainly not bad for "quick snaps"!

Some minor thoughts:

#1 I would have preferred to not see the feet on the platform as it slightly interrupts the lines of the concrete.

#2 Amusing pose from the woman in the foreground!

#3 Really love this shot. Quite ghostly.

#5 Not sure that I find this shot as intersting as the others. It may be the inclusion of the foreground that I'm not as keen on as it doesn't look particularly pleasant.

#7 Love the parallel lines of the poles / oars (?).

#8 Would have liked to have seen the front of the gondola too. Also, is it possible to straighten the buildings towards the top left of the image?

#9 I think this is my favourite. Maybe a slight crop to remove the guy at the left middle?

I'm new to this game though so all the above is only my opinion.

I'm also very jealous. I've only been to Italy once before but had a great time there. I'd love to go back.



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Some really nice shots there. love the interior shots as they give a real sense of scale (I too wondered what that woman was doing on the right hand side of the 2nd shot) Like the train shot too.


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Thanks for all the comments guys much appreciated. (especially ksten)

Looking at them again makes me wish I was back there. Seems so long ago yet it was only last week!!!

About #2 - I think she was doing some kind of pose for both me and someone else taking a photo (she was with us).


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Great shots AllyMac. My favorite is number 8

Italy looks like a great place to visit.

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