Some Examples of very Poor Transfers to DVD



LA Confidential
We were Soldiers
Pulp Fiction (not new edition - have not seen it)
Lord of Rings (not special edition as above)

In all these examples the picture resolution was very poor and wholly unsatisfactory for a projector.

I should point out that Godfather and Rings were rental copies

Any comments or other disks which are poor quality


Thanks for your comment of LA Confidential - I am going to buy the Region 1 version when I am in the States next week - great film!
I thought Godfather (region 2) was dreadful , my worst 2 though are the Horse Whisperer and Unforgiven .


I have the R2 LA Confidential and the R2 original release of Lord of the Rings and they were both excellent for picture quality


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Worst I've ever seen:
Highlander R1 (original version). ANd they had the cheek to put THX certification on the box. It was pants.


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Queen's Greatest Video Hits 1.


WORSE than my VHS copy of Greatest Flix.


The worst DVD transfer I have ever seen is the R1 of Nikita - hideous compression artifacts abound and the flesh tones are way too green. If you want this film, do what I did - get the French disc. Good transfer and W/S rather than P&S.



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R1 Minority Report is pretty dire. Far too much Edge Enhancement. But the one that takes the biscuit is the Return of the Pink Panther (Artisan).


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I would pit "Anne of Green Gables" original release (R0) against anything you can come up with. Anything. Some scenes on this look like they're composed of about a dozen pixels, the images 'judders' almost constantly, lip-sync comes and goes and the colours are almost pastel-like.

All your second-placers are well behind.



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R1 Zulu

Sent it back to Future Ent in disgust - it looked like it had been shot in posterised video 8, My VHS copy was way better.

A definate no buy!!!!


I'll second that! ... Highlander R1 - Truly terrible.

Looks like someone sat in the cinema with a handy-cam whilst his friend waved coloured square filters in front of the lens!


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I can top all of those....

The worst DVD transfers, are ANY DVD release from horror movie label "Vipco"!

They claim that the films are Digitally Remastered, although this appears to be highly unlikely. Unless, that is, they've been remastered from a Betamax print that's been run through a really muddy puddle, filled with grit and gravel, and stretched to hell!

If that was the case, then yes, they may have been remastered. But, they are still awful transfers, and make you harken for the days of VHS!



The original release of Strictly Ballroom (R1) was pretty bad. Washed out colours, soft print, awful sound. Don't know about the new release.


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Anything that is 2-sided like Jackie Brown, what is the point of realeasing a DVD if it's 2 sided, at least Laserdisc players automatically played side B without you having to get up and swap it :mad:

I didn't anything was wrong with "We Were Soldiers" (R1), infact it gets my vote for best DD track of the year :eek:


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Must say I wouldn't have said LA confidential or LOTR were bad transfers ( both region1) LOTR I'd classify as excellent. And I've seen both on a projector.


Anything that is 2-sided like Jackie Brown, what is the point of realeasing a DVD if it's 2 sided, at least Laserdisc players automatically played side B without you having to get up and swap it
The new Jackie Brown is not double sided. Also, with my first laserdisc player I had to swap sides.

Dave H

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R2 the Bodyguard :eek:

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