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Hi there,
I'm wanting to have my PS4 sound comes through as Dolby Digital 5.1
I have an optical cable. The problem is, the speakers i want to use are part of my bluray player
Is there any way to work that out? My Tv is a 43J5500AK

Another opion is, i have a Denon AVR-3300 A/V receiver (the 5 blu ray speakers of course have proprietary custom
connectors. The bliuray is also a Samsung HT-F5500

And i have another set of speakers I'm wondering if i could use, i have a Technics hifi it's the SC-DV290
beautiful sound, even at max volume the sound from the surrouns are crystal clear and once increased their
volume by 2db they are perfect.
But of course, i have a problem with these. The surround speakers have the standard RCA jacks which is fine,
But the front speakers both have a built in SubWoofer, whoch means each of the front speakers have 4 connectors,
a Black,Red BLUE and GREY. I'm wondering, is there ANY way at all i can connect those speakers with those i guess
custome colors? I'm sure i can just mash all 4 of the blue and grey ones into the single Subwoofer port lol

Pictures attached.

So with all this mess... no HDMI on the Amp of course... is there ANY way i can get everything 5.1?
Thank you for reading this mess lol


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