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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by mpress, Mar 13, 2005.

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    Can any of you brilliant people advise on this situation:

    My parents have the following equipment:

    New LG RZ42PX11 42" Plasma
    Existing (3 Yrs Old) Samsung SVDVD1E VHS/DVD Combi
    New Philips LX9000R Home Cinema Set Up With Recordable DVD/Tuner
    Existing SKY+

    They have just had an 'expert' unpack and install this lot together and I believe the SKY+, Philips & Samsung are each on one scart to scart with the three scarts on the tv.

    Now this is fine from their POV to view each on AV1,2 & 3 but when it comes to recording they can record SKY onto the Philips LX9000R Recordable DVD but they want to copy a VHS onto the DVD and naturally the Samsung and Philips cannot see each other and have no driect connection and the 'expert' tells them its one or the other i.e. you can have the Philips record the SKY+ or the Samsung but not have the choice???

    I find this unlikely but am not technical enough... is it not just a case of connecting the Philips & Samsung directly together and if its due to not enough scart sockets with some kind of twin scart socket adaptor (do these exist?) or am I talking BS!

    My mum is upset as she has lots of VHS tapes she would like to transfer onto DVD but would obviously like the ability to record from SKY+ if she had to choose? Just seems such a shame as they have a combi VHS/DVD and a recordable DVD and cant make them shake hands...?!

    I know this is not technical conundrum of the year but I said I would try and help my folks so your help would be very nice :lease: :smashin:
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    i would be surprised if their wasn't at least an s-video out on the samsung and in on the phillips that would allow them to be linked.....but there are also scart extenders such as the quintro which i think would do the job too...

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