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    I have just moved to a new house where analogue signals are not great so am arranging a rooftop ariel and am going to subscribe to Sky.
    Some questions I have as a first time sky,er !
    1)Do I need an analogue ariel - ie :will the sky dish receive all the current analogue channels as digital ones.
    Even if it does are there advantages in having analogue too ?
    2)I am having an analogue tuner with my home cinema pack. Again reception is a problem.
    Will the sky dish receive radio and can I play it through the tuner (and record on a tape deck) ?
    3)I have seen separate digiboxes for sale to receive free digital services at good prices, can these pick up all the sky channels if the right card is bought . Are any of these boxes better than those supplied by sky installers and if I got one would sky be interested in installing me an aerial and card only ?

    Thanks for any info.
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    ITV1 and 2 will not be available via satellite before the end of this year so you will need an aerial to receive ITV. Only ITVDigital, (terrestrial digital)transmits digital ITV.

    All the radio services are available via Sky

    Sky supply cards for all the free to air broadcasts but you then have to pay for the Sky Digibox, from £100 -£300, although you should check on the cost. The boxes supplied by Sky are made by all the top manufacturers but you cannot choose a favourite, it is pot luck, but they do all have the same specification.

    Hope this helps.

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