Some advice required on selling my Acoustic Energy Radiance 3 floorstanders


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Good afternoon everyone,

Thanks in advance for any engagement with this thread :thumbsup:

Ill try and keep it as simple and brief as i can : i am (sadly) looking to sell my Acoustic Energy Radiance 3 floorstanders.

We have recently moved house and my new 'music room' is unfortunatley a lot smaller than my previous one and despite spirited negotiations i cant put them anywhere else. Basically they are wasted in the room and so im looking to downsize to something a little more appropriate.

The speakers have been magnificent for me and despite one thing (more on that in a moment) they still look great and sound superb. The sound is genuinely amazing. I use them with the Arcam A19 amp and the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit. It sounds all superb, but its all just wasted in the current envrioment
The speakers were purchased for £1200 in 2012, but are now discontinued. The reviews at the time were very strong indeed. Spec can be found here (to summarise 200w, 40Hz to 45kHz ± 3dB,8 Ohms )

Clearly i am not going to get anywhere near what i paid but I am unsurpisingly hoping to sell them for a decent price. But heres the caveat...

A year after i bought them and rage inducingly on one of the few times i played them with the grilles off one of my bloody cats flew into the room and jumped at on of the speakers causing some disfigurement to the bottom driver cone which was bad enough, but much to my horror i also realised it had clawed at the rubber surround too and it had a small tear just under a cm long. After picking myself back from the floor i went about trying to fix it up, even going as far as getting some butyl glue after reading many guides on the web.

But heres the thing - i didnt actually fix it as i realised the sound wasnt comprised. At least not to my ears. It still sounded great. So its remained as it is to this day.

So my question is, how much will this affect the sale - can anyone please advise ? If someone wants to they can fix the tear very easily, there are so many guides out there (most involes a puncture repair kit!) I know ultimatley it will affect the final selling price, but im keen to know just how much by ? Or maybe theres just no point in selling them, i dont know. What would you guys do ?

Sorry, i realise this is a long post, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have attached some pics which will hopefully help.

Thanks in advance!

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Well having speakers of similar age and original RRP as yours I'd have hoped for £600, but some months ago I seen them being sold new for that my once 1200£ speakers would likely fetch 400 at best assuming buyer knows their gear/pricing.

Given the damage you could aim for 60% but in reality like will need to drop to 40ish. Most will want to put in a new driver see, so that cost has to be factored in.


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Yeah they are the sort of figures I was anticipating.
I love the speakers so much and as I said the rubber damage doesn’t affect the sound so part of me is thinking about sticking with them. It’s just they are so big for the room.

I’m very aware I’m in 1st world problems territory here!

Thanks much for your input, it’s really appreciated.


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What size room are we talking here?

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