Some advice regarding centre speaker and fake chimney


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Hi all,

I am after some advice.

I am about to do a home renovation and want to build a fake chimney breast to inset my tv into.

I would also like to inset my centre speaker PMC TB2 MC into the cavity as well. To be more specific I was thinking of building the Chimney breast up with a hole in it for the centre. Then I was going to make an insert for the hole which had some speaker cloth over it to hide the speaker.

Can anyone tell me of any ill effects of doing this?

I don't want to change my centre speaker to an in the wall version because it means I will need to change my fronts as well PMC GB1, which is obviously expensive.

One last thing I have discounted using the PMC wafer series as they are to wide and as I will have a fire place below it would make the TV to high.

Thanks for your help.



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In my experience, it will make the vocals sound very boxy. If you find a wooden box, turn it on its side and mount your speaker inside, you will hear what I mean.
It depends how fussy you are about the sound really. But I think you are, judging by what you own. Dont do it!

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