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some advice please...

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by fat tom, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. fat tom

    fat tom

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    ok I was gonna buy one of these...


    for getting digital TV but It basically requires a graphics card with TV out.

    I currently have a geforce 3 ti-500 (gainward) with TV out and watch DVDs via my hollywood+ (s-video out)

    The thing is the TV out quality on the Geforce is very poor text is mostly unreadable at 800x600 with fonts set to large....

    I currently own a 28inch (WS) cheapy CRT this will be getting replaced at some point probably with a 42inch plasma but for now the TV remains...

    basically I want to know what the best solution for a TV out would be that would work well with both a 28inch CRT and a plasma.....

    I heard the ATIs 8500/9500/9700 are supposed to be good for this. I am slightly confused over the differences between them as I have always been (up to this point) a nvidia man

    I would also prefer to keep the price below 200 quid unless spending more is well worth it. I do use my PC for gaming so 3d performance is a consideration.

    thanks for your advice...

    Fat Tom

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