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Hi everyone
Ive just upgraded my tv and thinking while im at it i might upgrade my receiver. But i havnt really looked around at whats out for a while, and not sure if its worth it. I have a Marantz SR 4300 , ive got a budget of maybe £400, could stretch to £500 on a new receiver. But would i really notice any improvement? Ive got some Acoustic Energy speakers(2 floor standers, centre and a couple of small surrounds), and a Mordaunt Short 309 sub. It would be used about equally between dvds, xbox360 and music. Ive been looking at reviews over the net, seems Pioneer has got some good stuff, but i still dont know if i would see much of an improvement over the old Marantz.

Thank you!



I was in a very similar situation a couple of weeks ago, upgrading from a marantz 4200.

I went for the yamaha dsp757 (£399 @ RS). I also upgraded to the MS Genie Speaker package (£699 @ RS) as my previous speakers were mix & match.

Anyway, I have noticed a great improvement in the sound from the amp - cleaner, punchier and just all round better. Dialogue particularly good, and the processing just 'sounds' better. certainally none of the surround artefacts that I was used to.

Its all a matter of personal pref. of course, but just thought my perspective might be of some assistance since our original amps were so similar...

Good Luck!



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I'm in a similar situation currently with a Yam 430RDS receiver.

Current favourites of mine are the Pioneer 1015 (around £360) and the Yam 757SE (which can be had for aprrox. £330)

I prefer the looks of the Pioneer, but the Yam seems to stack up with performance, esp. in 2 ch mode.

I'll be buying early next month sometime......



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Yamaha rxv2500 available in for 545£. This is much better amp than yamaha 757 and also very good amp at this prize.

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