Some advice needed on camera choice :)


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Before i start i'm sorry if a similar question has been asked before, i have done a lot of searching these forums and elsewhere and can't seem to make my mind up.

Long story short, i'm a film student. I'm after a video camera with a low budget (£3-400) and i'm after the best quality camera for this price. I've been stuck on the Sanyo HD2000 for days now. It appeals to me size wise and for what it seems to offer image quality wise. However i can't help but feel that there's a better camera out there for this budget. I have been searching and searching and i just can't seem to get a definitive answer from reviews as they generally sweep both ways for camera so it's hard to make a real comparison. One of the good things about where the Sanyo sit's in my budget range is that it leaves some cash for spare batteries and memory (as it doesn't come bundled with any...)

Have you got any recommendations? Help is much appreciated, i'm wanting to get this camera to my door by new year as i'm spending it abroad.

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