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Hello All.

Im a stupid idiot, ive just broken my dimage z1 camera! Ironically i was trying to take a picture of myself, so i balanced, it on top of my pc moniter screen and it fell off on to the table (about 1 foot drop, not far at all) onto the lense. Now the whole thing doesnt work. I switch it on, the lense moves out then moves back in, it doesnt stay out! Also the screen menu isnt working at all so its gone down basically. I didnt send of the garantee unfortunatly, i bought it from amazon just before christmas.

So im going into leicester tomoro (round where i live, lots of camera shops), and i need to know how much it should cost (in £'s) to get it fixed? Just a rough estimate, like the serive charge etc, should i be paying under £50 etc, over? Becuase i dont want to get ripped off.




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I think you still have rights mate, even though u never sent the warrenty off.

I doubt anyone could tell you what it should cost, because nobody knows what's gone


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It sounds like it is just a small mechanical issue, so should not be too much. 2 or 3 hours plus small part ? Between £50 and £100?

Is it covered on any household insurance policy?

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First the bad news.

Regardless of if you sent off the warranty card, a warranty covers faulty goods NOT goods that you have damaged yourself. So on that count, it's a non starter.

Now you could try and send it in under warranty but if when they open it up, it is clear that it has been dropped, they would be within their rights to charge you for it.

Now the good news.

I assume that if you bought it online, that you used a credit card to buy it? Check with your card issuer but you may well find that most will provide accidental damage insurance for at least 90 days which will cover what has happened seeing that you have accidentally damaged it.

Failing all of that, use your home contents insurance.


If you take it into Jessops, they will send it away for a deposit of £15, then get back to you with an estimate for repair. However the estimate alone can take 2-3 weeks, and then obviously add on the repair time on top of that and you have long wait. If the
lens itself is damaged then it could be getting hefty price wise. Going down the credit card route sounds like a good idea, would give it a try before sending it away.

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