some advice about which receiver?


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Would really appreciate some advice on considering which receiver would be O.K. for my speakers

current set up
Yamaha rxv 795ards
Tannoy M3 Fronts
Tannoy M3 Rears
Tannoy MC centre
Tannoy Mx10 Sub (forgot to mention this)

Would really like to consider the DENON 3802 receiver before the DENON 2802 receiver but will the 3802 be too powerful for the Tannoy speakers above????

thanks for any advice greatly appreciated...


Ian J

No It won't be too powerful. The 3802 would be able to handle better speakers but should handle the Tannoys well and will make future upgrading cheaper as the amp won't need to be upgraded for years.


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Many thanks for the reply.Wanted to go for the 3802 for exactly this reason(but unsure until now if 3802 would be too powerful) and can always upgrade my speakers when my budget allows.......(forgot to mention the mx10sub but I believe now that this should be o.k. too.

thanks again

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