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Hi everybodypeeps ;)
So, looking for advice regarding my Dad's pc, please.
He called me last night in deep distress, his main pc had died :(
Apparently it started out as relatively minor issues (occasional lock-up etc), but now, after roughly a week of increasing problems it refuses to boot beyond BIOS, won't even boot into Memtest86.......He has tried with 1 stick of memory, and swapped them around, without any change, tried a different graphics card, and psu, still no change. I suspect his 8 year old motherboard may have failed.
Current pc specs are
Asus P6T WS Pro socket 1366
Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
3 x 2Gb Corsair XMS 1600MHz
The hardest work his pc does is ripping DVD's to MKV files, general web browsing etc, so was way overspecced.
I could get him a replacement X58 board, but it would be used and likely as old as his existing board, also pretty expensive @ £80-£150 on the bay :(
However i suggested it might be time for a new board / cpu / memory, and that with massive leaps in performance between his tech and the new stuff he wouldn't need to go high end for what he needs.
I'm running an Intel Pentium G4560, and Z170 with 2 x 4Gb 2133MHz, and my pc is plenty powerful enough for general use.
So........would any kind soul who love's trawling around for a good deal be kind enough to spec me a B250 / B360 bundle, at the best possible bang for buck for me please?

He needs......
Board must be full ATX, and have at least 6 SATA ports.
7th / 8th gen Pentium or i3 processor
2 x 4Gb memory, speed not important as all faster than what he currently has ;)
He will also need a CPU cooler as his current is 1366 only, i think standard Intel would cope ( He lives in Spain so can get into the 30's in the height of summer, but his i7 was fine on standard cooler?



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I couldn't trust my standard cooler on my stock i5 in the UK heat when ripping dvd's and its nowhere near Spain levels, did he ever have a temp monitoring program? If not it would have only been a matter of time before a breaking point.

I remember mine getting over 70c in the summer in the UK when it was reaching ~25c in my room (About 24/25c for my area) when encoding and had an idle temp of around 50c.

8 Years is a pretty damn good run.

Anyway, back on topic. Do you have a budget in mind? This will go a long way to getting help as fast as possible from the more knowledgeable folks that keep up to date.


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Yeah, 8 years is fair enough.....budget up to £250.
I have suggested he upgrade cooler to at least an Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro, £20 is a small amount to protect £250 worth of equipment.


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