[solved] Yamaha RX-379, no sound over ARC


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Hello sound gods,

I have a Yamaha RX-379 Receiver hooked up to a LG 55UF6450.
I had a LG Soundbar before hooking this up and just moved the ARC HDMI from the Soundbar to HDMI 1 on the receiver.
The TV and Yamaha communicate over arc but no sound.

Here is a video of the issue:

I am stumped!

The TV and Receiver are both on their latest Firmware (or the TV is, doesn't look like Yamaha ever updated the receiver)
I ordered a optical cable on amazon for backup but I would love to have the latest audio formats if possible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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The fact that the TV's standby status mirrors that of the AV receiver is not an indication that ARC is in operation. THe behaviour you describe is simply an indication that HDMI CEC is engaged. ARC is dependant upon HDMI CEC (Control), but can just as easilly be utilised without ARC.

HDMI 1? The cable needs to be connected to the AV receiver's ARC enabled HDMI OUTPUT and then to the TV's HDMI 2 ARC enabled input. You'd not connect the AV receiver's inputs to an input on the TV.


Ensure that both HDMI Control and ARC are enabled within the AV receiver's HDMI configurations.
Ensure that Simplink is engaged on the TV and that its speaker configuration is set to the option that relates to HDMI ARC.

Ensure that the cable from the AV receiver is connected to the HDMI 2 ARC enabled input on the TV.

Try putting both the TV and the AV receiver into standby and then powering them back up. THis would etablish a new HDMI handshake between the devices which may then instigate ARC kicking itself into action?

Try a different HDMI cable between the TV and the AV receiver, preferable one catagorised as being HIGH SPEED. eep this as short as possible. Poor cables tend to exhibit issues quite readilly relative to ARC.
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Ah thank you, I thought the arc was working since that CEC thing was happening. The solution for me was to plug the HDMI cable in the TV Output port like in your picture!

Thank you!


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I'm assuming you mean that you conneced the AV receiver end of the cable to the AV receiver's HDMI output as opposed to having it connected to the HDMI1 input?

Glad that you resolved your issue :)
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