[SOLVED] PS5 > LG OLED65c16la> AVR X2000 Issues


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Hi guys,
As subject says I have this setup:
  • PS5
  • OLED65C16LA
  • Denon AVR X2000

My issue is clear: I can not get the audio from TV to be played by the AVR Denon/speakers. I've read a lot in internet and even follow this post, so I've decided to connect everything in this way:
PS5 ===[HDMI 2.1] ===> IN [HDMI 2.1] TV == TV [HDMI eARC] OUT ===> AVR ARC

I'm not sure which HDMI port use (image attached), I've tried 3 of them (CBL/SAT, DVD, Game, etc) even I've connected to HDMI OUT, ok, is out but I tried. I've done that assigning in the AVR menu the HDMI but nothing happens, no sound.


I've also changed the connections to: PS5>AVR>TV just to check out if everything is OK, assuming I wont have HDR from PS5, and everything is fine so, no problem at all from the AVR or speakers.

Any ideas? I'm desperate.

Thank you in advance.


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For a start, your AV receiver isn't eARC enable so you'll be estricted to the audio possible via conventional ARC. THis means that you'll be limited to SD 5.1 formats, No DTS and no more than juyst 2 channels of PCM data.

Connect the PS5 directly to any input on the TV apart from the ARC enable HDMIU 2 input. Connect the AV receiver's HDMI output to the TV ARC enabled HDMI 2 input.

In order to be able to convey audio from the TV to the AV receiver via ARC, you'll need to turn on SimpLink on the TV and enable ARC (not eARC). Set the digital audio output setting associated with ARC to AUTO or PASS THROUGH.

Onboard the AV receiver and from within its HDMI configurations, turn on HDMI Control and ARC.

Now power both the TV and the AVR down into standby before then powering them up again. THis simply enablkes the 2 devices to renegotiate an HDMI handshake between one another than takes the new HDMI settings into consideration.

While using the PS5, set the TV to the input the PS5 is connected to. THe AV receiver should automatically set its source to TV if ARC is working correctly. Note that only the audio is being conveyed to the AV receiver via ARC.

If you still cannot get ARC to work then consif=der turning ARC off on the AV receiver and making an optical S/PDIF connections from the TV to the AV receiver's TV optical input. Use optical to convey audio from the TV to the AV receiver as opposed to using ARC.


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Thanks for your quick response Dante. I've got this solved:
  • HDMI cable from PS5 to TV was wrong. It was new but, somehow, it was not well.
  • I needed to activate HDMI Control in my AVR. Under AVR Settings, in Video options.
  • Last, but not least, I had to connect the new HDMI cable from PS5 to HDMI IN specific port of the TV.

That was all.



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Yes, ARC is dependant upon HDMI Control (CEC) fpor functionality so it has to be turned on onboard both the TV and the AV receiver for ARC to be able to be used.

Only one input on any TV will be ARC enabled and only one output on any AV receiver will be ARC enabled. You have to use the ARC enabled ports if wanting to use ARC.

Glad that you resolved your issue :)


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Issues back again!! Everything is connected and communicating but the sound I get is stereo, just two speakers sound and not the whole system (5.1), any thoughts?

I’ve checked the speakers using my phone streaming Spotify and all work.

Dante leave your hells’ circles and please give me some light, please :(


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Go into the ARC setting on the TV and ensure that the digital audio output option is set to AUTO or PASS THROUGH and not PCM. If set to PCM then change it to AUTO or PASS THROUGH.

The PCM option will always result in all audio being mixed down and output as 2 channel PCM.


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Thanks once again. I really appreciate it Dante. Your solution was right and I have to add I need to press/hold the green button on Denon remote to switch the different modes.


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