(SOLVED) (24p motion stutter/flicker on some tvs).


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Ok guys, I need help... lately I'm having serious issues with 24p motion in general, with almost all the tvs I've tested... with my projector the motion is almost perfect (Jvc x5000), but with my tv (sony 9505) the motion is.... random.

Let me explain, on all the bright scenes I find the motion fine, but on dark scenes or mixed lightning content the motion is just awful for my eyes/brain, mostly on character faces when they move the head from one side to the other... it's a weird "digital" stutter/flicker and I swear I can see every frame jumping on the screen, this does happen on my projector too but is not that apparent and I have to look for it and doesn't bother me at all... and for example on my local theater the motion is perfect all the time with the tipical stutter on panning scenes, but character faces are fine.

My problem is because I got used to see all my content on an old sony tv that couldn't handle 24p and showed the tipical 3:2 judder and now I see proper 24p weird.... and It's almost a year since the change to my new tv and I'm unable to accept the change.

Funny thing is that the Jvc projector handles 24p content really good (true 24p) I usually see the flicker/sttuter on faces and panning scenes but it doesnt annoy me... the fact I'm having issues only with my tv is beyond me (I tested a lot of 2021 tvs and all of them shows the same 24p sttuter problem). The only thing that helps is not sitting close to the tv and turning down sharpness options, but the "issue" is there.

Btw, I have all the motion options turned off, I cant stand the soap opera effect.

I'm not really asking for help, just venting... is there anyone having issues adapting from 3:2 judder to true 24p like me?

Thanks for reading.
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Ok guys, after a painful quest for me and my wallet I just found the perfect tv for my taste, an LG Oled BX 55"... this tv handles motion very well and shows the real 24p cadence, just like my JVC x5000, let me explain.

I've tested a lot of tvs this year, and let me make a list because I don't want to make another long post:

The test was made with all the motion handling options turned off, only on some tvs the "cinema" (or similar) option was "on" to remove the 3:2 judder of some sources.

-----The testing-----

Samsung UE43TU8505
: 2 day testing... ugly black uniformity issues, didn't have the time to test 24p motion but it looked ok to me.

Sony KD43XH8096: one week testing... poor blacks, 24p motion was a little too "fake" for my taste but with only one week of testing I don't have a definitive conclusion

Samsung Q60T: four months testing... average to poor black levels, good 24p motion with the real 24p cadence

Samsung Q80T: one week testing... strong dirty screen effect, 24p the motion looked a little off to me but bearable, it has some mild soap opera effect to my eyes on some scenes.

Sony xh9505 (x950h on America): 9 months of testing (I almost goes crazy...)... blooming here and there but it doesn't bother me, the 24p motion was really weird, I tested this tv with every possible option, with DVDs, Blurays, UHDs, streaming platforms, with all HDMI sources, with the USB... with a HTPC with every resolution/refresh rate... there is something fishy about this tv that makes motion too fluid, I think this tv has some kind of "mild" undefeatable interpolation hardcoded into the system, I dont know what it is... but there is something not right with the 24p motion on this tv.

LG Oled55BX6 (The final solution to my problem): at last! an almost perfect tv to my taste, the 24p handling is like the jvc x5000, I mean, it has the right 24p cadence and the overall cinematic feel is a spot on, I don´t know why, but the picture on this tv is just what I was looking for. Amazing blacks btw and the color reproduction is great too...

----- Adittional testing-----

(Projector) JVC x5000:
my main display... for my taste it has perfect 24p motion handling, it shows the real 24p cadence.

(PC monitor) Philips 273V7QDAB: perfect 24p cadence at 72hz

(PC monitor) Dell E2311H: perfect 24p cadence at 72hz


Now my question: why is this happening? is there any value I need to see before buying a new display to avoid any 24p "weirdness"? motion blur? motion resolution? response time? I'm a little lost right now because in the future I dont want to test 9 different tvs before finding the right one.

Or I'm just crazy? lol


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