Solutions to Light Spill on 2.35:1 screen


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Hi all. I've built a 125" 2.35:1 cinemascope screen for my family room (Flexiwhite from Carl's place) (Projector- Epson TW650). Reason I have gone for the 2.35:1 ratio is I mainly want to watch movies, and don't like the horizontal black bars. Unfortunately don't have the budget for a projector which can digitally stretch the image and an anamorphic lens.
Main issue with this set up is light spill top and bottom. For now, I have made a frame which sits in front of the projector (with black felt tape to prevent too much light reflecting back). This does work, but not the most aesthetic set up. Also eventually I would like to ceiling mount the projector. Has anyone made a more refined looking device which does this? Or perhaps even a cabinet with this built in? Any ideas would be helpful. Cheers


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To be honest mate, that’s a pretty neat idea.

doesn’t the projector have any form of blanking option? It should have somewhere hidden in the menus, that would do the same thing.


I’d thought of doing something similar that’s sits near the lens, but was unsure whether it would work or not bit if you’re saying it does then is a neat idea and this has given me the impetus to go ahead with my idea.


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Definitely works, but do note that it is easier if you have a wider velvet/felt black border around the frame to mask the the border of the image. The border on my screen is 4 inches.
Also, the closer the masking frame is to the projector, the softer / more fuzzy the image border will be. Mine is positioned about 7 inches from the projector.


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Just to update, have now ceiling mounted the projector and fixed the masking frame to the projector mount. Not pretty, but does the job.

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