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Solution required for a potentially messy sat install


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We're going to be moving to our new apartment this weekend and I seem to have a little problem as to how I'm going to hook up the cabling for the satellite. The balcony is on the back of the apartment, where the dish will be fixed, but the the living room is on the complete opposite side. As it stands, it means I would have a really long coax cable going from the balcony through the main bedroom, hall and into the living room. Thing is that coax cable isn't the most flexible when it comes to tacking it neatly into place in corners, etc.

Are there any solutions our there that someone can suggest/recommend? I've attached a plan so you can get a better idea. TV will be in the living room ;)


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No answers mostly because I don't think anyone has a miracle solution.

The length of the cable isn't an issue but if you have no option to go over the ceiling or under the floor then you have to go through the rooms to get there.

Only thing I can suggest is to ask others in the same building what they have done and try learn from their mistakes.


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Through the bathroom actually looks like the straightest run to me.

What would be ideal if you have floorboards and fish it under the floor boards to where you want. depending on the joists it might mean a hole or noth in every joist if they are perpendicular to the cable run which would mean having to lift a lot more floor boards.

If its your own rather than rented I might even consider making the kitchen and bedroom an open plan room and make the lounge your bedroom.


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Is there any false ceiling or floorboards you can get into? There is no magic solution you just have to spend ages fishing along walls and/or raising up floorboards to cover the route. See if there are any other cables in the flat that might leave some clues as to where cable can be run to

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Give a video sender to a neighbour with Sky and just watch what they're watching: it'll save you a subscription cost too!! ;) :devil:

On a serious note, how are the TV signals (analogue and digital freeview) fed into your lounge?

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