Solution for "no read" on Denon DVD 2900


Anders Jakobsen

I might have found a solution for all you Denon DVD 2900 owners, who have problems with the reading of SACD, DVD-A and DVD.

First a little history on my own troubles:
I bought my DVD 2900 5 years ago.
To times I had it repaired on the guarantee for increasing problems by reading SACD, DVD-A and DVD.
The bill which I fortunately didn't had to pay was about 2000 Dkr (400 USD).
Both times the problems started with the SACD's after about 1½ - 2 years.
3 months ago I started to experience the same problem.
I went to the shop knowing that this time, the guarantee was expired. They couldn't help me in spite of there understanding for my frustration about this returning problem.
I ended up deciding not to spend 400 USD for another repair, and bought a Denon DVD 1940 for the purpose of playing DVD and 5.1 recordings.
At that moment my DVD 2900 still had no problems with ordinary CD's, so I hooked it up as my CD player.
But after a while, it also started to have problems reading some of those recordings.

My solution:
I thought "what the Hell" maybe I could fix it my self.
I removed the top cover of the machine.
Removed the two small blank screws that fix the top black metal plate, of the Laser drive.
After that I could remove the plate by lifting it slightly upwards, and pull it towards the front of the machine. The tap at the end of the plate slide out of the gap, and I could remove it.
Opened the disc tray with the bottom on the front, and now got free access to the laser eye.
Turned off the machine and unplugged the power cord.
I took ear cleaning stick (cotton on the ends) and cleaned the Laser eye gently a couples of times with liquid LCD panel cleaner. I also cleaned the rubber disc/ring located on the top of the rotor wheel, and everything else in side the laser tray in the same way, and finished by blowing the last dust away with my mouth. (NO spitting)
I replaced the top plate for the Laser tray, at first without replacing the two small blank screws.
Connected the power cord and turned on the machine.
Placed a SACD recording I the tray, pressed the play bottom.....loading.....and wupti it was playing again.
I tried a lot of my "no play” disc's and everything was loading perfectly.

If you try this solution, remember to disconnect the machine from the power outlet, before replacing the two small blank screws and remounting the top cover.
And of course the cleaning procedure will be on your own risk.

I would appreciate if you reply with your experience in this thread.

Good luck from Anders in Denmark.
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Duly noted for my Denon too. Hate to have to replace it!

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