Solo Movie 5.1 Meltdown!


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Hi guys,

After 3 months on a boat from the UK back to Australia I plugged in my Acram Solo Movie 5.1 with fairly disastrous results. Well, actually the unit did run OK for a couple of days before a 15 minute period pumping out music at around 60 on the volume dial.....nothing that hasn't been done before.

Anyway, all speakers (with the exception of the sub-woofer) stopped outputting sound. I went to investigate and was confronted with the strong stench of burning/melting plastic - not a good sign. The unit itself was pretty hot to the touch on the outside.

I'm going to take the unit it to a repairer to get it checked out but I'm not hopeful that it has survived. Is anyone able to offer any advice as to what went wrong and where the likely damage is.

Here are some facts about what was happening when it went down:
-Unit in use for two days after 4 months of non-use when it was shipped from UK to Aus.
-Meltdown occurred after volume was increased to around 60 on the dial.
-Input was via a Mac-mini over digital optical. The digital optical cable was running through a switch so that I could have several devices using the digital optical port (this has been a common configuration for me over a couple of years).
-Right and left speakers where plugged in (Arcam speakers which I have been using with the unit for 3 years).
-Woofer was in use.
-Wires were connected to unit for rear speakers but the wires where not plugged into the speakers (an oversight by me during set up).
-Unit was in a media cabinet with fairly good air circulation - in fact an air conditioner was running on the wall above the unit.
-The unit seems functional in all respects apart from the fact it does not output sound to any speakers other than the woofer.



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Were one of the unattached rear speaker cables shorting together? This would give you meltdown or if you were lucky just a shutdown.


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As soon as I realized that the back wires weren't plugged in I checked them and they did not appear to be touching. However, it is highly possible, even likely that they may have touched at some point.....I really don't have any other theories.

In the case of a meltdown - which by the smell - is exactly what happened, is there any avenue to repair or would it be cheaper to invest in a new receiver?



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It would have probably taken out the output Transistor(s). These should not be very expensive to replace by a competent engineer.
Hope this helps.

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