Solo 5.1 Movie speaker package?


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Finally there's an all in one system on the market that will diliver the sound quality I've wanted for ages although at a price.
Finally made my decision and the Solo Movie 5.1 ticks every box from connectivity to looks and sound. I'm was going with Monitor Audio speaks, Radius R90's for the rears,R180 Centre,R270's for the front and either a R360 or 720 sub all in black lacquer. Although after looking round many people are pairing this unit with less expensive speakers, am I'm going over kill with this package?

What have others who have the Solo 5.1 paired their unit with?


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We have used our Solo Movie with the MA Radius, M&K's K, and the Quad Lite speaker packages, and it performs extremely well with all of them. Some may choose a cheaper package for budget reasons, or because of a package deal. Don't let prepackaged deals that limit your choice. It'll be fine with the entire Radius range.

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