SolJiv's Attic Cinema/Entertanment Room


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12/02/10 Latest Updates on Page 3 - £199 Jamo D7 THX Ultra2 Subwoofer

My first Post and First attempt at a Cinema/Entertainment Room

What is was Before;



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And What it is Now :D


Sony CMT-MD1 on the wall above TV


My Games/Entertainment Center



My Sony Gear; Sony MZ-N1 MD Player; Sony DCR-PC5E Digi Camcorder; Sony DSC-P10 Camera; Sony WM-EX621 Cassete Player; Sony NW-HD1 Walkman




My Watch Collection; if i'm showing my room i might as well go all out :)


BTW the Pioneer takes the Sony apart in every way with every type of picture thrown at it, how about that for a side by side comparison :D

Room is still in progress, have a lot to do (i think)


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I like your watch collection mate.:thumbsup:


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Thanks for the positive feedback lads,

Winkle i was 20 at the time and went away for the week, when i came back my mom had blinded me with blue and all she asked before i left was what colour i liked :eek:


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some nice kit there man, but tidy up dude!!:eek::devil:
an aladdin's cave of entertainment.:thumbsup:


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Yes tidying up is the next thing but after seeing some of the set ups here i am thinking of a revamp of sorts. it's looking increasingly like the bug has hit me again :oops: You know how it is once you start there is no stopping :D. The Tag Heuer F1 is classic and i will always have that. Thee watches on display are one i wear regularly though there are some really nice ones hidden in thier boxes.

My full kit list

Setup 1
Pioneer 436 XDE
Sony STR-DA5200ES 7.1 HDMI 1080 Amp
Eltax symphony 8.2 Fronts
Eltax linear Center
Mission 70 DS Bi Polar Rears
Mission 70 ASE Subwoofer
Toshiba HD-EP30 HD DVD
Sony PS3 60GB
Nintendo Wii
Sky HD
Dreambox 800HD
Netgear EVA8000
Phillips 880 DVD recorder (soon 2 b replaced with a sony)
Yamaha KX-390 Tape Deck
Pure AV hdmi cables and scarts all round
Sony CMT-MD1 Minidisc Jewel Hifi

500+ DVD's
405 HD DVD's
207 Blu Ray's

PC; Asus P5N32 SLI+ Motherboard
Pentium D 3.0GHZ
Corsair 2 GB DDR2 Ram
ATI X1800 GTO running 1650x1020 on Samsung 22B
monitor and 1920x1080 @ 24hz on Pioneer
Total of 7.1TB over 5 HD's

Setup 2
Optoma Themescene HD72i
Optoma 92" manual screen
Onkyo 606
Toshiba HD-EP35
Sony PS3 80GB
Infinity Modulus 7.1 Speaker system

Setup 3
Sony 46S2000
Xbox 360 Premium
Sony PS2 with 3x 20gb hard drives
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Saturn
Sega Megadrive

2x Lain Massage/Heat Recliners
1x cheapy Leather recliner

PC 2; Amd Athlon 64 X2 3600+
2GB Ram
Nvidia Geforce 7200
Sound Blaster live with live drive
Microsoft Force Feedback joystick
Microsoft Force Feedback Steering Wheel


Sony: NW-HD1 20GB Walkman
MZ-N1 Net MD Walkman
DCR-PC5E Digital Camcorder
DSC-P10 Digital Camera
DSC-W290 Digital camera
WM-EX621 Walkman (tape)
Sony VGN-S58 Laptop

What im looking to get: look at the following picture, does it look like an electric screen can be fitted? like roll down in front of the monitor? my main problem is the way the roof is. but i can easily accomodate some small speakers for the 5.1 like kef eggs. maybe im thinking too much and should focus on styling the room like "the force"


I know the room still needs cleaning :thumbsup:
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Believe me if you knew how much i paid for every item you would be calling me del boy :smashin:


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Room Update, Room update!

Was browsing the forums the other day when i saw a Optoma Themscene HD72i with 450 hours on the bulb and a brand new bulb at what i thought was a good price (£300). promptly purchased it and got an optoma 92" manual pull down screen to partner it. Now i know there are better projectors out there but the fact the bulb only had low hours and there was another bulb untouched it represented good long term value, it does 720p and can take a 1080p/24 input no problem.

Then browsing the forums and ebay for a 5.1 surround (keff egg style) speaker system to partner my aging Yamaha DSP A5 i happened upon an Infinity Modulus II 5.1 speaker system. bid was upto £50 with 10 mins to go and put a bid of £70 on. i ended up being the highest bidder at £67 and went on to win it. The thing is when i searched the web for this system found it for sale at AVland at £999 INFINITY MODULUS << UK >> AVLAND Infinity Modulus II 5.1 Speaker Package. I didnt get too excited as i thought at that price there must be something wrong with it. well it got delivered the other day and to my surprise it was in top working condition.

Well i couldnt let such a system not go to good use and decided to look for a med-high end AV amp from the Classifieds, there were a few good amps flying about and i was about to plump for another Sony STR-DA5200ES in silver when i saw an offer on at exceptionalav for the onkyo at £350 with a QED HDMI lead. offer was good but i didnt want to wait so went to Richer Sounds in Prestwich who agreed to a price match and gave me £40 worth of speaker cable instead of the HDMI lead. pleased as pie i was.

These are the results :)

The Projector:


The Screen:



The Amp;


The Speaker System;




The projector in motion; please forgive the bad quality pics.




The Lain Masssage Chairs


All i need now is a logitech Harmony 1000 remote, a dreambox dm8000 to partner my 80cm motorised dish (i already have the DM7000) and a way of connecting my Hd dvd and PS3 so that they run through both the sony and onkyo amps with audio through HDMI. Any ideas?


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Very clever way of mounting the pj screen!


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Yep despite the size and quality of the optoma the pioneer 436 is awesome, i can only begin to imagine the quality of the Pioneer KRP-500A. i want one :rolleyes:


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not a fan of the clutter, or decor. But Really nice kit, you should get the retro consoles back out i reserrected my DC the other day


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Nice to see a decent setup in a real lived in room, as great as some peoples set ups on here look, i do wonder how much time is spent enjoying them vs obsessively polishing every surface!


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Well done mate, great job you've done in the room. Whats next on your list?


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Well done mate, great job you've done in the room. Whats next on your list?
Thanks mate, appreciate the feedback.

Well i was in currys earlier and thier gaming chairs have gone down in price. The wireless X Rocker with arm rests looks like a nice chair and it can fold away too. This is to go in front of the sony behind the black recliner.

I am also interested in getting a Logitech 1000 or Harmony One but dont know which will be more suited to me :confused:

A dreambox DM8000 is something i really want BUT i aint paying £869 for a satellite box :suicide: So a Dreambox DM800 might be on the cards.

Looking to get a HD 4850 or 4870 graphics card and LG Blu Ray/HD DVD combo drive for the pc as the graphics card outputs 7.1 audio too and the upscaling on the graphics card is supposed to be one of the best but that maybe a little overkill seeing as i have a PS3 and Tosh EP30.

A clean up is on the cards as well especially with all the cables i have just tucked to the corners.


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Very clever way of mounting the pj screen!

there was only one of two ways of mounting this screen and the other oneinvolved a double arm of sorts. decided to do it the way i have done as a trail and it has stuck. Glad for the black chains as they don't stick out too much. Have you decided how to mount your screen mate? i think once you get a screen there is no going back and i thoroughly recommend it.


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not a fan of the clutter, or decor. But Really nice kit, you should get the retro consoles back out i reserrected my DC the other day
Thanks mate,

I was thinking of having a blast on Goldeneye, four player on the projector, im salivating at thought of it. Love my DC, one of the most underrated consoles ever made with some of the best games ever as well. In fact im going to have blast on thunderforce 4 for the megadrive right now. nothing beats a session on a nigh on impossible side scrolling shooter :clap:


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Nice to see a decent setup in a real lived in room, as great as some peoples set ups on here look, i do wonder how much time is spent enjoying them vs obsessively polishing every surface!
Thanks mate, really appreciate the comment. I do have to agree with you, having to make sure everything is spotless would be such a pain, want to just come in from work sit back and relax and enjoy my room. But that doesn stop me from wanting a setup like the force's. :smashin:


How much fekkin gear have you got Soljiv ? pmsl:clap: It's like Weyland said - it's like aladdin's cave in there:eek: Looks great mate, and good to see an avid gamer .:thumbsup:

Ere if you can get me any hooky gear I'll be interested ? *MODS THAT WAS A JOKE*:D

Take it easy mate.:smashin:

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