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Hey guys.

I know this has been asked numerous times already, but I've searched the last 10 pages on this thread (which took chuffin' ages!) and still couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for!

So I'm hoping someone can recommend a high quality, solid wood TV Cabinet. I have loads of junk, boxes and wires I want to cover up because it looks messy and *gasp* ...too materialistic (Which I am!! But I like to pretend I'm not!!) So anyway, I want loads of storage, some open front shelves to allow remote controls to work, but some closed drawers for dvds/remote controls/games controllers, and a solid back to conceal most of the wiring. The open shelves must be deep enough for a receiver/amplifier.

Sorry, I'm a fussy bugger! I know exactly what I want, but can't find it anywhere.

Something like this, but preferably a couple of shades darker to match my other units...

Oak Widescreen Entertainment Cabinet

Really appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks for your time.
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I was in the same position not able to find an nice oak AV rack. Especially one that's deep enough to house an Onkyo AV receiver.
Just bought the new Onkyo 876 which is 460mm deep and 190mm high and it needs a lot of space to get rid of all the heat.

So, after a weekend of DIY, I built this AV rack from 2 oak worktops I bought on eBay for £100 - 550mm Deep x 1100mm Long x 300mm Internal Height for components.
The Onkyo and all my other bits fits nicely with enough room for air circulation.
I'm still in 2 minds if I should close off the bottom section to hide all accessories and game controllers.

If you got some DIY skills, build your own exactly the way you want it.
You can not buy a decent AV rack of this size from solid wood for £100 anywhere.


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If you got some DIY skills, build your own exactly the way you want it. You can not buy a decent AV rack of this size from solid wood for £100 anywhere.

I've got some decent size pieces of oak worktop left over from our kitchen, installed a few months ago, pretty much the same as you've got. Looks impressive, thinking of doing something similar.

How did you join the sections together?


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Hi Nemeus,

Sorry for the late reply. I only returned from holiday today.

I drilled 4 holes from the top/bottom on each side and screwed the sides to the top and bottom with 6x75mm woodscrews and resin based woodglue.

I sunk the holes to a depth of about 15mm so the screws are hidden and have enough thread gripping into the side panels. I lubricated the screws with wood oil to turn in easier as oak is a very hard wood.
I then filled the holes with a filler made from woodglue and the sawdust from cutting the worktops. Once dried and sanded, the filler takes the colour of the worktop and blends in nicely. See attached photo.

The wood panels are very heavy so steel brackets were never gonna hold them together nicely and brackets looks ugly. Once the resin glue has set and the woodscrews were securely in place, this cabinet is very strong and the joints are flush. I recommend using Evo-Stik Weatherproof Wood Adhesive. It dries clear and bonds within 10 minutes. I also coated the cabinet twice with Rustins Worktop oil after I sanded it to keep the oak's natural look.

Hope this helps but feel free to contact me if I left something out.



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The Audinni range of TV stands and TV cabinets are available in a couple of different Oak finishes.

Audinni Tv Stands

Im sorry but £800 for oak veneer is just :rotfl:

Madness. It's a cabinet, why on earth is a veneer cabinet ever worth £800 - £900. Complete rip off.

Go to a local furniture maker, give him your spec and measurements and get him to make exactly what you want is solid oak for less than that.

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Hi, we manufature made to meausre bespoke AV furniture to suit your equipment and needs. View our website from the link below.

Made to measure furniture don't have to cost the earth, get in contact with us and I am sure we can have something made up to suit your budget.

We have a wide range of finishes matt, gloss, real wood veneers etc available from us. Best part of all this is you end up with a high quality UNIQUE bit of furniture which gives your Av set up a finishing touch! :cool:

If you have a design in mind forward it over to us or have a look at our website and portfolio for some previous products made by our selves.

Portfolio - G&G GROUP

Any questions please do get in contact with us.

Thank you
G&G Group

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The thing about a cabinet made from solid wood is that over a period of time, solid wood will warp in heat, DVD players, amplifiers and games consoles give off alot of heat, so if you decide to buy a solid wood TV cabinet make sure it has plenty of ventilation and you do not overload it with equipment.

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