Solid timber for DIY rack, what are the costs?


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I recently built a TV cabinet and had the same conundrum you did. After comparing the prices of the MDF and the costs of veneering/covering with the prices of a softwood such as pine the prices are actually very similar. I ended up buying a nice big piece of pine from Wickes (much cheaper then B&Q/Focus, where I also tried). If you do need a lot I'd recommend a local wood yard like someone mentioned above, theres bound to be one somewhere close.

Im happy with the way its turned out, it looks much better than a veneered MDF panel, which will always have that funny MFI look, although it is much easier to work with.


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I'm facing the same dilemma, having looked everywhere for suitable furniture, as the other half wants all the gear hidden!

I'm considering building a cabinet approx 120cm W x 60cm H x 60cm D, with enough space for 2 full-size components side by side, maybe 3 or 4 shelves high.
As I'd like the 'chunky' look, I was considering the straight-edged w/tops from Ikea in solid oak or birch for the outside frame.

Would appreciate any feedback/ideas,etc from you woodworkers out there...!



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