Solaris (Soderbergh) Question (Poss. Spoil.)


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Watching this, for probably the 10th time, I was wondering something. Obviously they don't tell you who Gordon's "partner" was, but who do you think it is?

I'm not quite sure, but obviously whoever appeared to her, it scared the hell outta her!


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She said that she killed her "partner" (for want of a better word) with that anti-higgs boson device. So presumably she did.


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I too find the question of Gordon's visitor puzzling. Some time ago I spent a while looking on the www for interpretations of Solaris and one of them (can't find the link) put forward the following theory (SPOILER - highlight to read):

Shortly after arriving on the space station, Kelvin hears a male scream, which he follows. Maybe this is Gordon's visitor being (unsuccessfully) 'murdered' by her. When he has his first coversation with Gordon (through her barely opened door) you hear a shuffling noise - maybe this is her visitor reincarnating, presumably not for the first time (as she later states that she can 'never get used to these reincarnations') The writer of the interpretation goes on to offer speculation that Gordon's visitor must be someone very close to her and loved (to be consistent with the other visitors) and maybe he is crippled/disabled (and not mobile - therefore he is not able to come out of Gordon's room - which is wht we don't see him) and requires a lot of physical effort to care for - effort that she was prepared to offer for a real person, but not for a facsimile - hence her desire to rid herself of the visitor and her development of the 'device'

Lovely film, by the way - really can't think why most people strongly dislike it.


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Fantastic film, I really enjoy it. My missus hates it and can't bare to watch it while i'm watching it.

It's the only film I find Clooney marginaly bearable in too.


Lovely film, by the way - really can't think why most people strongly dislike it.


1. It doesn't "rock"
2. It isn't filled with "kewl" stuff
3. It requires an attention span
4. It requires some thought

But for those of us not suffering with Attention Deficit Syndrome, it's a pretty fine movie.

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