SOHY 12HT 2500 from play

Wonder where they got stock to sell at that price? :eek:

Does this pj still stand comparison to newer LCDs like the TW500 I wonder?
Wonder if their blurb contravenes distance selling regulations:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Returns, Warranties & Dead Pixels:

NON-REFUNDABLE: Due to the nature of this product it is NON-REFUNDABLE once delivered. Please make sure that it suits your needs before purchase, as we cannot refund your money if you change your mind. Any faults that may occur will either be repaired by Sony - or the unit exchanged - whichever is deemed appropriate by us.

Wasn't aware that PJ's were exempt in law.

I think play have messed up here again.
They had the VW12 at £2000 before xmas, only to quickly realise their mistake and removed it.

This time it looks like they've confused it with the HS20, which is cheaper.
They mention 'memory stick', 'side shot 2' and 'DVI input'.
I think I'm right in saying these are not on the VW12, but are on the HS20.

If it is the VW12 at £2500, it's a good price but I can't help wondering what Sony have just arounf the corner. The VW12 has been around a while now.
Just because it isn't a brand new model, doesn't mean it still isn't probably one of the best fixed panel PJs ever to be made for home use. Which it is (still). And if it is the VW12 they are selling at GBP2500, then it is undoubtely the best value out there.

As for DVI, memory stick and side shot - no, these are not VW12 features.

As for what Sony has around the corner - it is an LCD with 6 million pixels.....
It has been around for a while.
A friend has the 11HT and it is a cracking projector.
If it is the 12HT then it is a bargain.

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