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Does anyone know how you manually go online with the Sky+ box and check to make sure you have the latest OS/updates?

Or is it automatically updated?



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All updates are sent via the satellite, the phone connection plays no part in it and it should all be done behind the scenes with no user intervention although boxes can be missed for a number of reasons.
The current SKY+ software is.....


If you don't have that then you can try to do a forced update.

Procedure described to me (DO AT YOUR OWN RISK)....

(1) Put box into Standby;
(2) Remove the viewing card.
(3) Press and hold the Back-up button* on the Digibox (not the remote control);
(4) Whilst holding the Back-up Button, switch off the power to the box at the mains - either with the switch on the socket or by removing the plug;
(5) Count to ten slowly;
(6) Keep pressing that Back-up button and put the power back on to the box;
(7) When all four lights appear on the Digibox, release the Back-up button (if your Digibox is connected by scart, there will be a message on the screen stating an update is taking place and that it can take 10 minutes (but it can take longer);
(8) Replace the viewing card;
(9) When the box goes back to a single red light, leave it at least a full minute before taking it out of Standby using the Sky button on your remote control;
(10) The box will switch to channel 998 - the Sky demo channel (it may say “Searching for listings” - don't worry - wait);
(11) When that clears, do a Services – 4 – 5 check to see the Operating System Version and/or EPG Software Version numbers have updated (the Model Number may also have changed).

*If you power off first and then press Back-up, it does not clear all the old software - so follow the above exactly for the most reliable results.
Rather a long winded way to do it, no need to remove the smart card , turn the power off , hold the backup button in whilst reconecting the power , keep holding it in untill all the lights come on the front of the reciever. After its gone back to standby turn it back on.


Actually the longer starburst way is the better one. When going through this procedure, the sky+ is in effect going through a firmware upgrade. The last thing you want is your smart card wiped clean or corrupted during this process, thereby losing your subscription info or whatever. So the card is best taken out..
The card has nothing to do with the software download , usually downloads are done automatically , how do you know when to take the cards out?! I must have updated hundreds of recievers over the last 5 years and have never had any trouble with cards .


I didn't say the card had anything to do with the update, just that if you perform a forced update it is better to remove the card. Yes the card is in the box if sky update OTA at night, but that procedure is a little less involved.

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Thanks to all, I will check and update if required.

Thanks again

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