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I have a presentation tomorrow morning for my final year dissertation and want a MOV file from a digital camera inserted into a powerpoint slide.

The laptop we get to run our presentations on will not be upto date with codecs or have quicktime.

Is there a freeware program that can convert the file?

I have done a quick google search and not returned anything useful.......yet




That's what I use, just make sure QUickTime is installed and away you go :) I always use the -i option then I can pick what I want easily. Basically choose highest colours, lowest compression then use VirtualDub to do the actual conversion :)

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TMPEGenc can convert .mov files to mpg2 files which I think might be higher resolution - what res is mjpeg?

I've converted the hi-res trailers like Matrix Reloaded to mpg2 and they look very good indeed when projected, so if the .mov file is hi res, then TMPGenc may be what you're looking for. It can also convert to mpg1 if that's all you need, but if that's the case, the above mentioned program may be better for your needs.



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I tried out the Rad Video Tools and it did the video fine but there was no sound. Can someone put me out of my misery please as I'm sure I must be doing something stupid !
Ignore the above question - I was doing something stupid :blush: :clown:

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