Question Software to back-up from desktop to home server?


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I'm using HP MicroServer running WHS2011 as a file server, but even over GB LAN access isn't as quick as I'd like for direct photo editing.

I plan to stick a 1TB SSD in my desktop (currently has a 256GB SSD), moving my photo collection over to this and backing that up to the HP.

Is there back-up software that will let me back up the SSD daily to the HP without any compression? I'd like the backup on the server to maintain the same folder structure without condensing it into a single propriety back-up file.


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I think the default client PC backup on WHS 2011 compresses into it's own files. Easiest way would be a scheduled Robocopy job - have a look at the robocopy help or google for common use cases.


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Thanks folks :)

Yeah WHS2011 does compress the files, which means in the event of the server or network failing I can'd just slap a HDD into my desktop and have instant access to the files again, which was the big appeal of WHS using NTFS natively.

My IT boss wrote me a basic Robocopy script and I'll have a look into Freefilesync too :smashin:

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