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Hi. I'm looking for some advice on encryption software for files on the cloud. I did some reading after the Google Photo accident where peoples videos were sent out wrongly and it got me concerned. I get it, it was human error on Googles side. But apparently files on the cloud might not be secure anyway. So I suppose I'm considering NordLocker, but are there other similar options too?
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Some cloud storage providers offer client-side encryption, using a key which is stored only at the client end. That ought to be secure (but if you lose the key you are screwed).

I think SpiderOak was one, though this was a few years ago.


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When it comes to security it's generally an idea to go with the most popular options as they'll be the most heavily scrutinised.

A search for file encryption suggests 7-Zip and AxCrypt would be the most popular choices here.


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Don't forget that if you start managing the encryption, then you have to manage the encryption.

I know people who lost their encryption keys to their files, one even to 400 Bitcoin they bought back in 2011.

When you manage these kinds of things yourself, there won't be anyone to help. So make certain you know what you are doing.


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Who do you have cloud storage with ?

Have you checked with them to see if they provide any encryption ?

Maybe you should consider moving to a cloud storage/backup solution provider who does.

Bl4ckGryph0n is absolutely correct, if you do it yourself then then you need to ensure the safe keeping of any encryption codes otherwise you data is completely lost.
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