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Can anyone suggest a decent software package for editing MOD files. The software that comes with the JVC camera MC500 (Cyberlink) isnt great and I would prefer something more flexible.
I've renamed the files to .mpg and tried using Pinnacle software but for some reason the software won't then play the files. You can see the files but the preview screen wont show the clips. There doesnt appear to be anything obvious I'm doing wrong..??

Ideally I would like software which takes the files in there original state (MOD) rather than having to rename etc.


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Adobe Premiere Elements 2™ does. Trial available here

Note its system requirments though and although aimed at the budget market it is very capable but as a consequence a bit less newbee friendly ( than it could be) but I used it first time without reading the manual and there are loads of online help resources. I like it.

Ulead VideoStudio™ 10 (and 10 plus) does too.. It can ( if set up well) help avoid mpeg2 degradation by "smart" encoding, something Womble ( linked below) does perhaps even better.

I have however used renamed MOD files with Pinnacle Studio 10.5 and Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum and Womble ( also available for trial download without the problem you describe. There may be a known cause and as such solution.
The Cyberlink software that ships with the JVC is a bit basic and in trying too help out another forum member I tried the "fuller" versions however, YMMV.


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Saw this in my online travels just now seem you are not alone:cool:


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Thanks for the pointers. I'll give Premiere a go, taking the files with the mod extension is easier than renaming and if its anything like their other software should be well up to the job.

thanks again senu


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Right, tried the Adobe free 30 day trial. Great software, very powerful, great features and fairly easy to use.

Problem now - put a DVD together and the result, particularly when panning or on faster moving scenes - what is probably best described as "Jerko vision". Its like there's frames missing or something, pretty much unwatchable other than on scenes with very little movement.

Any ideas anyone?


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This is a known problem, the issue is essentially you are using a DV format editor (Premiere Elements) to edit mpeg format, this means the workflow is all wrong.

You have two options buy an mpeg editor that has mpeg workflow (i,e it is expecting mpegs).


Convert the mpegs to dv format (with encompanying PQ degrdation before importing them to Premiere elements so that Premiere gets what it is expecting.
This can be done by buying quicktime pro from Apple and using it to convert or by using a program off the web. search for mpegstream.

These issues are well documented on the premiere forum on the Adobe website.

Thirdly (no gaurantee of success trial and error really).

Right click on the clip in the time line -> select field options -> choose reverse field order and also choose flicker removal. Do for all clips on the timeline, render by hitting enter key. then burn you DVD and see if it is better.


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The forum that senu kindly linked you too states that there is a utility on the software that came with your disk toconver the mod files to DV format. I suggest you read that link it has a lot of valuable info in there from people with the same cam as you and the same problems.


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Hi, just been looking into solving this problem myself and found the following info:

BACKGROUND: JVC Everio camcorders use hard disk media to record video files which is
great for navigating directly to the video you want to edit. The camera stores the
video in a .MOD file in an MPEG-2 format. JVC provides software called Capty MPEG
Edit EX for Evario, but it is not quality editing software and not worth the time to learn.

PROBLEM: iMovie can’t access the camera directly to import the video and Quicktime
Pro doesn’t even understand the MPEG-2 format.

a. dowload and install DropDV. This converts the .MOD MPEG-2 formatted video into
standard Digital Video (DV) for iMovie. (see

b. Optional - dowload and install Quicktime MPEG-2 player so you can preview
clips before you burn disk space and time converting them to DV and importing
to iMovie. (see

a. Create a folder on the desktop and download the entire SD-VIDEO folder the camera
hard disk to your new work folder

b. open the new folder in Finder and using the search function find all the .MOI files.
Then highlight all the .MOI files and drag them to the trash. These are files that
contain junk the camera faluted on and not real video data.

c. Next use Quicktime to preview the imported clips to verify which ones you want to
convert. Delete any files that you don’t want in your movie. NOTE: You may need to
change the name of the file from .MOD to .mpeg. Also, you won’t have audio because of
a long technical discussion dealing with the codec for MPEG-2 and demux’ing it etc.

d. Now highlight all the files the folder, which after deleting the .MOI’s and
reviewing in Quicktime will only contain the desired files for the movie. Drag all
these files in one group onto the DropDV icon and it will convert to DV and create a
folder on the desktop.

There is also a program called 'MPEG Streamclip' for mac users which also helps solve this problem.


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"Jerko Version" :rotfl: due to reencoded mpeg2 files: It is perhaps more difficult for some encoders to get it right than others. I am unsure if going from mpeg to DV AVI back to mpeg will not result in C**P PQ :mad: but it is an option one can explore.

Try Womble ( with renamed MOD files) or UleadVideoStudio 10 without renaming

Womble is linked above and VS10 may be found here

Womble is a native mpeg editor ( meaning it is least likely to degrade your mpeg due to editing) and The Ulead offering "Smart" encodes

Mpeg editing with superb results is ( in most budget software ) a bit of hit or miss but I would also urge some perseverance with Adobe Premiere Elements 2™ as some alteration of work flow/ settings may produce better results.

If you want you may burn a few mod files to a DVD as data and post them to me to have a go and get back to you. Pm for address If you wish
All the Best:)


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Cheers for the input guys, can see from a quick search of the Adobe forums this is a widespread issue for those using hard drive based camcorders.

I will attempt the edit setting fix suggested here and also I see on the Adobe forums some success or much improvement has been experienced by some. It would be a shame not to use premiere as its a terrific piece of software from the very short play I had with it. Also the quality from what I've filmed so far is quite good so I would prefer not to compromise on the picture by going down the back conversion road.


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When I download the MOD files into My works folder and then I open it, I get straight away the message "Windows host process (RunDLL32) has stopped working" message. Does anybody know how to overcome this problem?

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