software for camcorder monitoring?



Can anyone recommend some PC software (WIN XP) that I can use to view my camcorder display live, full-screen, on a computer?

I have been using the camcorder in manual mode for taking still pictures of small items (in macro) for use on a website, but I am having difficulty focusing using the camcorder's small CCD display.... It would be a big advantage for me to be able to use the far superior computer LCD if only I could enlarge the picture to full screen, (since all the video editing software I have tried so far does not give me this option).

My camcorder and computer both have USB and DV connections.

PS. I don't want to have to use a TV for this as the screen resolution isn't anywhere near as good as the computer.

Many thanks.
When you say 'all the video editing software I have tried' a list would have helped.

Ulead VideoStudio 7 works for me either by USB or firewire, true not 100% full screen, but very nearly and certainly a lot bigger than the LCD screen
A TV will give a far better result than a PC monitor as although the resolution is lower, a PC screen can not display 'true colour' like a TV.
When video editing it is recommended, for the reasons above, that you monitor with a TV the edit as this will show what you will see via a DVD etc. I know you will be doing stills, not video, but the TV will give the best results IMHO.

Thanks for the advice guys,
I like Ulead software, though I'd rather wait til I need all the features of their software before shelling out $100 as I'm very new to this camcorder stuff. Hopefully someone can suggest a utility that does the same for a small amount of money.
Best wishes to y'all.
Microsoft windows media encoder will give you the option to show the output from the DV camcorder on your PC screen (full screen if you want) in real time.

And the best bit is that it is free.

Ideally, see if you can still find a copy of media encoder pack 8 (not the latest one) as it had this feature as a stand alone application.


All of the above is free.

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