Socket 775 Mobo with DDR3 memory and Core2Quad CPU compatiblity



I was wondering if it is possible to use DDR3 memory, 1600MHz on a socket 775 mobo with a Core2Quad cpu?

The motherboard I am considering is this one:

Asus P5G41T-M LX G41 Socket 775 DDR3 VGA Out 8 Channel.. |

The memory is spare memory I have from a triple channel set I was previously using in a Core i7 rig.

Otherwise is it just safe to buy a socket 775 mobo that only supports DDR2 memory?

Thanks for any help...



You have to use DDR3 with that motherboard and the motherboard is compatible with the CPU so it should be good to go. it might clock down to a lower speed but it will still work "Dual-channel DDR3 1333(OC)/1066/800"

ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS P5G41T-M LX

Thank you LJx,

So just to confirm, my memory I have at the moment is Corsair Dominator 1600MHz, that will clock down?

Also is that mobo anygood? The reason I ask is because I have literally stripped the cpu, dvd-r drive and hard drive from an Acer computer and am rebuilding at minimal expense. Now I have managed to also pull out some DDR2 memory and if the DDR2 memory is not compatible with this mobo then I would move to use DDR3.


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motherboard looks good value compared to prices of current stuff, I would use the DDR3 it should just down clock on it's own without you having to do anything

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