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An Newbie question just a day before our club's AGM...:confused:

At our social club we have 2 x smoke sealed Optoma units which we have been told are beyond economic repair.

A local trader is offering to rent to us £30+vat a week what they see as a suitable replacement but the 3 year contract adds up to a total of £4680+vat.

A few of us on the committee reckon as time has moved on since 2002 when we bought the last one that we could buy 2 new ones - keeping one as a spare for a lot less than this £4.7k.

Currently the one in use is ceiling mounted projecting onto a 5' screen - (operating but with a blue circle in the middle of the projected image!)

Would something like a Optoma HD720X be suitable for a small club showing mainly sky football at match times?

Do we need to consider anything special as a club? - example replacement ceiling mount, how long unit is likely to last, cost of typical bulb?




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Well for a start, with the new anti smoking laws, you don't need to worry about smoke sealing for the replacements.


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hello maybe you want to check at idealo
this site its a growing UK price comparission/webtool...
is somewhat small number of companies listed yet,but its growing everyday now!
they have some prices on Optoma HD720x
Sanyo plv-z5....and many more...

and hey watch out for your local trader i dont know what he is offering you in exange but 4700£+VAT REALLY sound like a bad joke! :oops:

Basic entry level hi-definition 720p (not the worst crap) projectors cost around 650£ inkl.VAT.
one extra lamp ~210£

/cheers sahara

AV Nik

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Hi Megamix,
The HD720X would not ideally be suited for a club as it's a Home Cinema projector and therefore will not be as tolerant to humidity and temperature. Plus, it's probably not bright enough.
Depending on wether you want a Widescreen or TV shape screen would then depend on the projector.
The majority of pubs and clubs will use a 4:3 (TV) ratio screen as they seem to portray a larger image but some, with low ceiling's for example, will use a 16:9 system so they can maximise the image width when restricted to shorter heights.
Another concideration should be brightness. If you have daytime events or if there is a lot of lighting in the club, I would reccomend looking at projectors with 2000 Ansi Lumens and above.
Hope this helps.

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