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I've been going back and forth as to the replacement of my Panasonic Plasma 55". Room was an issue the last few years, but now the gallery design came out and I could shoe-horn this in where I wanted it, so I pulled the trigger. SO heres the run down that I would like some feedback on, (Nice words though as I think we are all here for mutually benefit of our AV entertainment)

- So, now, the HDMI cable replacement may be a thing. I am running a couple long NXG-Pro Sapphire Series HDMI's that are long and buried.
- I've ordered a UPS with a power conditioner. May be un-necessary, but I did it anyways as I have a commercial generator being installed for a whole-home power solution and I wanted a level of filtering should this create some issues.
- I have a Tripplite Surge protector that is a low-profile model and looks un-assuming.
- I have a Sony UBP-X700 right now, but I'm going to migrate that to another older system that needs this smaller unit due to space constraints. Wanted to do to the Sony UPB-X800M2, as it has some decent reviews and the price is in my range.
- My receiver is a Denon AVR-S930H.
- there is a dish Joey to boot.
- JBL HLS-820 towers for Front L/R, HLS-Center, Infinity 12" down firing sub, Athena Bi-Polar Side Surround R/L and HLS-810's Rear R/L

I am building a new cabinet that will house the components on one side and then, blankets, pics, holiday stuff on other shelves. this is going to match the other side that is for split wood for a fire place.

I built a new mantel when I got the Plasma back in 2012, it houses the JBL HLS center and creates a barrier for the direct heat from the fireplace. Never and issue with the Plasma and dust was at a minimum.

Over all, with playing around with it, a dramatic improvement in picture and sound, but the new player, the right cables and a tuning of the whole system will be a nice change to realize the true potential of the system.

Thoughts or opinions are appreciated.

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