so will it be turkey ?


just wondering how many people are "traditionalists" and are having turkey, or are you having something else ?

p.s. Merry Christmas


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Were having Duck! Quack


Turkey, pork and sausage meat. Can't wait.


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Hi there

Around my mum and dads this year.

Dad cook a brillant turkey and stuffing, it takes him about 24 hrs to cook :boring: .

Cheers Holo:smashin: :smashin:


Goose for us as well, find Turkey too bland.


my mum never does turkey, i think the last time she cooked xmas dinner it was roast beef or gammon or something, so i rarely get the traditional meal. we went to an italian place for our office do, and it must have been the only place in town that didn't have a christmas menu or do the turkey. i'm pretty sure it'll be a similar story in the posh place i'm going tonight, but it's a top menu and my friends don't mind splashing out on the wine and champers so should be a good one.

actually i went to my dad's club for a meal the other day and that was the proper turkey and stuff, but it's not the same unless it's on christmas day with james bond on the telly afterwards. thank god i've got them all on dvd (twice when the new set turns up next week from hmv)

god, i'm starving now, time for breakfast!


Just been's mad out there....:rolleyes:

Anyway..bought,chicken,lamb,beef and ham on the bone,loads of veg ,not sure what i'm going to cook yet...wifes a bit carried away with the shop......get told off later.......:D


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Steak here, got a large piece of wing rib of beef and shortly I shall be blow torching it and sticking it in the oven at 50C for 20hrs Heston Blumenthal style :thumbsup:

Also a loin of pork.


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Christmas day lunch has to be a Turkey, cooked with streaky bacon on top, which goes nice and crispy!

Plus, sausages wrapped in bacon.

I'm gonna have to stop now, i'm drooling on my keyboard. :D


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and how do you get them all in??:)
Well ... perhaps even more ambitious is Hugh Fearnley–Whittingstall's ten bird roast: ...
You can download a short video of the ten bird roast, which is featured in the River Cottage Christmas Special which was shown, by clicking here:
Windows Media - (3Mb)
Apple Quicktime - (4Mb)



My grandad (god bless his sole) was a very good chef. He always served the turkey with the usual spuds and veg but he also gave use a few plain flavored crisps sprinkled over the turkey, strange combo, but works great :smashin:


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Onion Bhajis and poppadums to start, followed by a selection of M&S curries with naan bread.

This means we can all go to the pub and then come back and eat dinner within half and hour! no slaving over the stove!


Had chinese one year!

cheers all


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...another vote for turkey :thumbsup:

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