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So whos buying what?


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Well after some great updates to the Macbook Pro line-up including the new 13" MBP wondering if any of you have been tempted yet?

I am hovering on the buy button, just can't decide which model!!!


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If this is more general than the MacBook question then:

Snow Leopard - yes
iPhone 3GS - yes
Macbook (of any description) - no the one I am typing on is only 5 months old!


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MBP for me.

I was going to purchase a 15" one but wasn't expecting a new one. With the new 13" with Firewire (and SD card reader) I'm now torn. The 13" does everything I need but I was loving the 15" screen real estate.

I'll be upgrading from my original Macbook 13"

Think I'll go for the 15" as the business is paying - It's only end up going to the tax man if I don't!

iPhone 3GS not worth the upgrade/cost of paying off my current contract from iPhone 3G.

Snow Leopard - yes, for ~ £20 a good deal.


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For me its only a secondary computer as my 24" iMac isn't going anywhere so the base model 13" MBP would be fine, and if I wanted to upgrade the RAM and HDD at a later date I am sure it would be cheaper than BTO from apple. But the base model 15" keeps tempting me everytime I convince myself that 13" will be fine. Grrrrrrrrrrr! Been waiting for these updates for a couple of months since the rumours started and now I am just as confused as to what to buy as I was before the updates lol:rotfl:


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While they continue to use the 9400M nothing really appeals all that much but definitely Snow Leopard.


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check the i phone prices first they are ****ing ridiculous:thumbsdow

Snow Leopard only for me.


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Estimated Shipping: within 24 hours
Estimated Delivery: 09 Jun, 2009 - 11 Jun, 2009
MBP 13.3/2.26/2X1GB/160/SD-GBR



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Snow Leopard and nothing else.

I was really after an Iphone. My contract is up in a few months and I waited for the announcement but the tariffs are rubbish and the cost of the phone is an absolute joke.

Apple get a big :thumbsdow from me.


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Just SnowLeopard for me aswell. Very dissapointed with O2 upgrade plans would of thought as least some incentive for existing customers.


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Snow Leopard here.

Not loosing any sleep over the MBP refresh; I love my Unibody 15" and the new models will not improve my workflow.

Can live without the 3GS, but looking forward to OS 3.0!!


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There are a few new features on the new iPhone but most is in the software and you'll get that so why is everyone so hacked off?


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Snow Leopard for me.

Only had my Unibody Macbook for about month and half but dont use firewire, and can handle not having the sd card slot.

Yes a faster processor would have been good and improved colour gamut.

But its not like the Macbook is now redundant.

Am surprised it happened so quick but hey thats technology.

More important things to get stressed about.


Active Member
Was torn between getting the 'cheaper' iPhone or not when I heard the rumours but not paying that price when I have a 32GB iPod Touch- never mind.

I'll definitely be getting Snow Leopard and OS3.0 though :thumbsup:

$29 and $9.99? Can't wait.

Heck, if you told me SL is going to be £29 I'd take your hand off! :D


Well-known Member
As far as the iPhone 3Gs and the MBP goes Apple can go and scr** itself as far as i am concerned. Both are just overpriced in my opinion. Total rip off. :thumbsdow

I am sticking with my 3G and iMac and will definitely get SnowLeopard and update to V3.0

At the end of the day they are just a phone and a computer. Both do the job for me fine and have all the features i need for a few years. In a year's time when my contract has ended hopefully we will see a new iPhone. And in a couple of years when my son is old enough to have a pc i might give him the imac and get a new one.

PS: what i'm not sure about yet is: Is the video capability feature only available on the 3Gs or on the 3G too(v3.0)?
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And in a couple of years when my son is old enough to have a pc i might give him the imac and get a new one.

Macs last for years - I'm finding the spec on my 3yo iMac - mostly the small amount of graphics memory is now becoming a problem - but aside from that its still perfectly usable and will be for a few years yet. And the value I've got out of it is fantastic and in 4 years I can say I haven't lost any data that wasn't down to user error.


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Leopard now, then Snow Leopard in September - need to use the iPhone SDK asap so was hoping Snow Leopard would be out sooner, but can't really sniff at a £20ish upgrade price :smashin:

iPhone 3Gs 32gb :smashin:

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