So Who has seen Final Fantasy Advent Children?


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Oct 30, 2004
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Just saw the movie last night and again this morning.

One word summary:


I enjoyed it so much that I dug out my PS1 FF VII game and am starting to play it for the first time. (currently running around with Aerith and Tifa trying to stop Shinra blowing up the base of Avalanche)

Everyone must watch this film especially Final Fantasy Fans.

Highly Recommended.

Gonna buy this DVD when it comes out in the US. Will also get the UMD as it is so good.
Hehe. I started watching, and fell asleep half way through. The story didnt seem to make much sense.

To be honest, the Japanese arent the best story tellers.

still, it was a beautiful film to watch. I think I will have to see it again though.

Just been so long since i played FF7!
I saw it last week. Graphically, it was amazing. I will get the DVD as I only saw it on a PSP. The story made little sense, but that could have just been a dodgy Japanese translation. They might change some things around for the US release.

Some great parts such as the mobile phone ringing after the Tifa fight in the church, and it was great seeing all the FFVII cast jumping into battle near the end, which was a magnificent fight.

All in all, worth getting for the eye candy. I wouldn't get it just for the story, at least not in the form that I saw. The story just didn't seem to have any basis in FFVII, and the key points that influenced it happened between the game and the film and is never discussed.
I think you have to watch the animated short episode that came with the movie i.e "The Last Order" before the film as it slightly helps out.

But totally agree with the story line not being that easy to follow especially if you havent played the game.

That is indeed why I have seen it 4 times now as you get to understand more each tme. There are alot of subtle things in the film that needs to be understood to get the meaning e.g The presence of the wolf in the film is a sign of Clouds guilt over the death of Zack and Aerith from the game.

By the way Chrislad , is it easy to put the movie onto the psp? i.e do you just drag the file into the 1 gig memory card or do you need software to play the film on the psp. Currently I have the movie in a format that only works on Media Player etc. (of course I will have to buy the 1 gig stick first but is it straight forward)
LOL this is werid, i just downloaded the movie last night and me and my housemates love it! the visuals one word = WOW!

If u dont get whats going on its because u kinda need to play the game, but an excellent film
where would I buy the DVD from?
Unless you can understand Japanese, I would wait for the US DVD release due out in November. Pre-order at

Otherwise yes, yesasia , playasia, lik-sang will stock the Japanese version of the dvd.
as long as it has english subtitles I'm not fussed...checked out yesasia and they only have it for PSP as far as I can see...
I'd like to watch this but don't think I'd get as much from it given I haven't played FFVII...
...and FFvii is a 100+ hour game too...definitely worth the effort if you fancy going retro for a bit.
By the way, the phone they used in the movie is a phone you can actually buy!

Theres a black edition, which is the one in the movie. I have the P900i which is one before this one.

the 900iv has a 2mega pixel camer in it hence the huge lense.

Oh, and best of all, both phones come with Final Fantasy built in.
Lookes even better than the original release!

This is a link for the black one. Its called "Cloud Black" which is why the character Cloud uses it!!!
The Japanese DVD does not have English subtitles. The subtitles were done unofficially as far as I know.
I played FFVII to death, fantastic game. Best FF by a country mile.

The movie is average at best though, visually not quite up there with the spirits within. 6/10 from me.
While Spirits Within was more realistic, the animation and sheer visual content of Advent Children far surpasses it. Bear in mind that this was just a DVD release while SW was a theatrical release.
Spirits Within was below average. 3/10

Advent Children is in a totally different league. 9/10
Why did SW get such a bashing then?
It wasnt all that bad! I couldnt understand why everyone kept ripping it and then forcing it to end up doing badly.
A lot of people said that it didnt have anything to do with the FF universe.

AC is more in line with the final fantasy universe, so for the fans its a better "FF" film than SW.
But if AC did get a theatrical release It woluld get ripped just as badly me thinks because the story doesnt make much sense.
What About 'Final fantasy 7 Last order' OVA - is this getting a release with the Movie - I saw a fan sub of it and its bloody superb. It was only released with the Ultimate FF7 Advent children box set in japan.
Set during FF7 it revolves around the event that took place in Nibelheim, involving Zack, Cloud, Tifa and Sephiroth.
Quick review of it i saw online.......

Final Fantasy 7 has already perpetuated the world with its seemingly perfect plotline that could draw in almost anyone with its mystery. But a game cannot cover every aspect of its own plot, with release dates and such forcing developer to leave sections of the game open to speculation. This short OVA is a rather well done attempt to fill in the gaps that were left open in the game.


The animation is 1st rate. The majority of the OVA revolves around the action scenes that Zack, SOLDIER 1st class, participates in. The animation is fluid and doesnt sputter for a moment as the OVA spans out. All the characters from Cloud to the common Shinra soldiers are well drawn and colored accordingly giving the game characters an excellent debut on the anime scene.


The sound was good, a nice mix of techno funk junk in the fight scenes, relaxing guitar in the mellow scenes, and other sorts to give the body a good rush as you watch the OVA throughout its entierty. As for the voice acting, top notch! Each voice fits accordingly with the characters persona, design, and attitude.


For me there is nothing wrong with the story, the main point for the lower rating is that if the viewer has never played the game then this is nothing more than a complicated series of events and action sequences revolving around a dormant lead. But for those of us who have played the game, the OVA delves into the past series of events that led up to Cloud`s arrival in Midgar. From his escapades with Zack at the Mako Reactor in Nibelheim, a look into how they were originaly captured by Hojo, to their grand escape from the hands of Shinra to Zacks death, the OVA gives us that glimpse into the past.


Once again, the characters are not properly introduced or fleshed out since it was already done so in the FF7 game, but if you played the game we get to see more of the Turks and the extent beyond the main 4. We also get to see Zack and how his relation with Cloud had developed from its humble beginnings to its tragic end.


If you played the game, the value is unquestionanle, a must see for any FF7 fan. But if one hasn`t played the game, watch it for the action and not the plot, or just don`t bother since there is no real point in watching something you have no clue about.

Animation: 9
Sound: 10
Story: 7
Character: 7
Value: 8
Decadence said:
...and FFvii is a 100+ hour game too...definitely worth the effort if you fancy going retro for a bit.

Never got into FF games, the 100+ hours is probably why!

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