So which one i3 or i5 or x4 955?


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Hi all.

Never built my own pc but have tinkered around inside of my old mesh many many times replacing bits and pieces so i reckon i can do this easy enough. From all i have read and what i can see i am going to get a better system by building my own. So having said all that i am wondering which spec will give me the best bang for me buck.

I am going to replace the 360, my laptop and my media player with this so i need it to be a decent jack of all trades. Will be running windows 7 and sticking in an ati 4870 1gb graphics card so the gaming bit i think is more or less sorted (mainly rpg's like fallout 3 mass effect 2 and whatever else that comes along that takes my fancy in that genre maybe even some mmorpg's, not a fps or sports type of guy). Not bothered about dx11 cards as they are way to expensive for my liking and i am only a casual gamer and from all i have read the 4870 is a damn good mid range card. The frame rates seem to be pretty damn good for my needs.

So anyways here it is. It is the processor i am stuck on. Not sure whether to buy the amd or the intel. From what i have read they will all overclock so can etch a bit more power out of all of them. So just interested in peoples opinion on which i should go for. And one more thing will the motherboards i have chosen allow for easy overclocking (i have never overclocked anything before). Am hoping to keep it under 550 total and i have to factor in the price of the gfx card which is one hundred quid so the cheaper the better.

Anyways here are the builds in order: amd 955be. intel i3. amd 950be. intel i5.

Many thanks in advance for all your help.


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The choice is yours!

The newest processor on the market is the Intel i3. It would appear to meet your requirements. IMO that is the one to go for.

However, all the processors listed are good and would meet your requirements.

Remember, the i3 has a built-in video chip. Recommend doing some research.


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Believe me i have researched till i am blue in the face and i cant research no more. I suppose i know that they are all good mid rangers with the i5 being top the x4 being the next bet and the i3 and the x2 bringing up the rear. Too be honest it is between the x4 and the i5 with the i3 being the rank outsider. The i3 is the cheapest build (if we discount the x2) but for only eighty quid more the i5 ofers much better performance and therefore good value for money with its on the fly turbo boost ability. I have looked at the benchmarks for all the chips and they will all do the trick for my needs paired with a 4870 for the foreseeable future.

I guess it is gonna come down to how flush i am at the time of purchase. In all honesty i am now more stuck regarding the psu. I have opted to buy the antec 300 gaming case which seems like a solid choice for my needs but i am struggling to find a decent psu 500-600 watts that will be quiet and give me the ability to overclock the cpu without spending more than 60 quid. So it has gone from a chip dilemma to a psu one. Oh well i am sure i will figure it out


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