So where is the Falcon?


Aint spotted the DVD yet never mind the bleedin Falcon!!! :devil:


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My R1 disc arrived from Play yesterday and it wasn't covered in French/Canadian script!

Anyway, the Millenium Falcon can be seen on the extreme left of the screen on the landing pad when Anakin and Amidala land on Naboo in the refugee ship.


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Originally posted by Rambo John J
That's because Fox don't use dual language packaging.
I thought that was *common* knowledge now.


Rambo in lack of breeding admission scandal .:eek:

Dave H

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I can't see it , is it the scene when they land in a silver ship in one of three landing bays?
Because I can't see it anywhere on the left!

I might have to ajust my screen borders :confused:



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Beginning of Chapter 15 , as the refugee ship comes in to land, the camera pans left and on the extreme left is the Falcon next to another similar looking ship.


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is it actually supposed to be the Falcon or a simlarly modified Correlian Corvette ?

Rambo John J

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I haven't managed to find the X wing being chased by the Tie fighters through the streets of Corusant (is that spelt right?) they mention on the commentary.

Oh, and I apologise for that dual language thing and my lack of breeding:blush:


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"Apology accepted Captain Rambo!"

I have yet to spot the x wing and tie fighter.

Apparently there is a Nike trainer in the space battle in ROTJ that I have yet to glimpse (maybe it isn't visible on low res laserdisc),
and I love the burning, exploding TIE fighter pilot in ESB.


Originally posted by DuncanWardle
is it actually supposed to be the Falcon or a simlarly modified Correlian Corvette ?

The Millienium Falcon isn't a Correllian Corvette. It's a modified Correllian YT-1300 freighter.

Just to be pedantic.


If you listen to the commentary, and when he says about them X-wing being chased..........Look in the bottom left hand corner,they are so small it took me four attempts and frame by frame to spot them.

The X-Wing is exiting screen bottom and 3 Ties are follwing in an upside 'V' formation!!!

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