So where are you going on holiday this summer?


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Hope everyone has had a great Christmas. Wife and I are thinking about our 2020 holiday as you do on the last day of 2019!

We normally have an adventure / road trip to a different part of the USA every other year with a two week holiday in Austria in between. Had a wonderful trip to Colorado USA this year for our 30th wedding anniversary staying in Denver, Aspen, Durango, Mesa Verde and Colorado Springs. Hired a car and explored the areas along the way. Did some great hikes and train rides in the mountains.

Thinking about somewhere different in 2020. Maybe Portugal for two weeks in early September. We are not ones for sitting on a beach so not interested in that type of holiday for the whole two weeks but probably wanted to stay in one place for the whole two weeks. Love exploring and walking the countryside but also like cities for a spot of architecture and culture. Is there any area in Portugal which has the best of both worlds within reason?

Austria has always been great for scenery and visits to cities such as Salzburg, Vienna, Bad Ischl, Kitzbuel and Innsbruck. Stayed in St Gilgen, Zell am See and Westendorf over the last few years. So those are the sort of places we like but want to try somewhere different.

Just wondered if there are any like-minded travellers out there who could share their experience and thoughts...
Lisbon is a beautiful city with lots to do. Then head out the coast to Estoril or Cascais for the beach element and then onto Sintra for walks etc.


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Booked an AirBnB in Marbella for March. Nixe apartment right on the beach, £420 for 9 nights.

Bloody flights cost another £350 sadly.
Booked an Airbnb in Marbella for March. It'll have been 10 months since our last holiday!
Watch you don't double book yourself!!!


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Lake Garda area in late July early August, with the caravan, then 10 days to a mates house near Alba.


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Lake Annecy in France in July. Just booked a long weekend in Sardinia for May.


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Totally different to our usual road trips. A cruise from Copenhagen, up the side of Norway towards the Arctic circle. Not sure how close it gets. Never fancied a cruise but agreed to give it a go.


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Booked to Mexico summer 2020.
Staying down the coast from Cancun at a hotel I went to some 15 years ago when I had taken my two older sons

This time will take my youngest daughter to show her where her Big brothers went at her age and will do things as before ? Hopefully hotel although grown in size will still have the same high standard, Mexican charm and beach area will be same ?
Hopefully global warming hasn’t changed the area and as this is second holiday abroad in the last 4 years I haven’t added a massive carbon to my footprint ?


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I am going mid school holidays so mega price and had to get stopover of flights as that’s what’s available ! Would love to paid £579, however going to hotel that’s got a collection of pools and is close to some attractions I want to take my daughter too


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We have been to most States (your State of Texas is beautiful BTW) but Hawaii has never appealed to us. Had some great family holidays in the Greek islands when the kids were young. Less appealing for us now that they have grown.


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We booked this last June, for the end of September this year -
3 nights Beijing then bullet train to Xian for 3 nights. Then fly to Hong Kong and board ship for 17 day cruise, Vietnam, Singapore, Darwin, Airlie Beach, Brisbane then finish in Sydney for a 3 day stay before returning home. :)
The worry is, since booking what we thought was going to be a holiday of a lifetime there are riots in Hong Kong, Fires in Australia and Coronavirus in China. :eek:
Fingers are crossed for all to be ok by September.

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