So what exactly is Darren Campbell beef?


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My Mum is driving me mad askin g why he wouldn't do a lap of honour. There's still no decent explanation on the BBC website.

Any simple clarification?


la gran siete

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Maybe he had a problem doing a lap of honour with Dwain


It was on BBC's London Radio some hours back. It was at protest of Dwayne Chambers being allowed back in to race for Britain after his drugs suspension.

Del Boy Smiffy

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Good on him, didn't Dwayne cost us a relay medal for his failed test?


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Del Boy Smiffy said:
Good on him, didn't Dwayne cost us a relay medal for his failed test?
Here,here! The man is a cheat.


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I also agree. Campbell has twice lost out on gold due to drug cheats. He's had the realy one taken away because of Dwain, and came second to the greek chap who a couple of years later got found out. It's about time UK athletics take the stance that once you get banned, you can't ever wear our colours again.


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It needs to be bigger than any one nation

The athletics body (whatever it's called) should just have a zero tolerance 1st time life ban policy

But given this is a long running occurence in athletics, I don't think anyone at the top or bottom will hurry to clean up their sport


I think the UK athletics top bods believe unless other countries make their drug testing as strict as ours we can't be on a level playing field.
Which is basically saying - we know drugs are being used but so is everyone else.

Remember the size of Dwayne Chamber's thighs back in the day and also Linford Christie's muscle mass? I mean, come on, you'd have to be stupid not to know something was fishy.


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Let them take whatever they like,after all they are only damaging themselves.I'd love to see the hundred metres won in 3.44 secs.:D


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Quick everyone try and win some medals while the countries who produce decent sprinters aren't looking!!

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