So what chance of affordable Global Shutters on CMOS cameras soon?


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I hope that work is continuing on this as the Rolling Shutter is a nightmare for the subjects I film (aviation). I bought the Panasonic 151, and a great camera it is, but it would be great to have a small camera (like the current CMOS ones are) that had a Global shutter.

Is there news on this being possible in the near (2-years) future?

Cheers, MP


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Unlikely, I'm afraid. The trend is ever towards CMOS, as most of the manufacturers consider the benefits outway the disadvantages.

This comment from a very well respected ex BBC technical chap: - View Single Post - Panasonic HDC-SD300 suggests that the technical difficulties are likely to keep global CMOS shutters only for the 'special' scientific type cameras for the foreseeable future.

There are of course improvements being made all the time, especailly as scan speeds get faster. There was quite a lot of discussion recently about the way Panasonic released the HPX371, within a year of the HPX301, announcing that dramatic improvements had been made to the rolling shutter 'skew' problems. (Some of the HPX301 early adopters were not happy!!)
Doesn't cure all the problems though. 'Jello' can still be a nightmare in high vibration situations, and aircaft propellers are still going to look silly!!

AFAIK, there are now no current model 'consumer' HD camcorders on the market with CCD sensors.

You can still find CCD sensors in some of the HD video capable 'super zoom' cameras
like the FZ38: LUMIX Digital Cameras - Super Zoom - DMC-FZ38 - Overview - UK & Ireland

or the TZ7:
LUMIX Digital Cameras - Super Zoom - DMC-TZ7 - Specification - UK & Ireland

but of course they only do 720p 'AVCHDlite' (which can look pretty good, IMHO!).
Not quite the 'small' camcorder format you're probably looking for, but the way things are, if you want CCDs, it's about as close as you'll get!

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