So uh... my Sharp LC-58Q7300U just disabled it's HDR functionalities somehow.


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I'm very confused at the moment, and so is Roku and Sharp staff (they are of no help). I've been using this television with HDR on for about 7 months now, and suddenly 4 hours ago I was greeted on my ps4 with the message "Your television is no longer HDR supported." I then checked all my television settings and every option that ever mentioned HDR was somehow gone. I called up Roku and Sharp and explained to them both the situation and both figured it must be some sort of software bug, but neither agreed to RMA it. So I'm honestly a bit frustrated right now as that HDR made quite a bit of difference in my gaming. Don't know where else to post this rant, so here ya go. If anyone has this same television, or some advice please let me know. I've tried everything I could think of like different HDMI's and even factory resetting it. Buyer beware, I suppose.
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