So to the final wiring diagram..HELP!!


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Heres a thought - spent a fortune on my home cinema (listed pics in "my home cinema"), but really struggling to complete that final perfect interconnection with everything in harmony with its neighbouring piece of kit.
You know the problem (must just be me then), I,m attemptint to use my yammy as the master a/v controller. But there doesn't seem to be a "definitive" guide on how to connect up all the gear you have.....or is there. In my opinion someone with the brains and ability to archive data on most av kit past and present, and then offer a complete wiring diagram (for a fee of course) to obtain the best possible set up, sound and vision would be on a winner.
However, until then, can anybody help with a preffered wiring diagram including DVD, Plasma, projector, DVD recorder, CD, Freeview, Satellite (motorised not Sky), Tape decks, etc, etc??????
Thanks for someones devine help
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To make this possible, you would really have to list exactly what kit you have, or clues to connections. For example you say Plasma & projector? Do you really have both, and do they need to be set up in the same system?

Just a simple list like below would do...

Yamyy XXX av amp.
DVD player 2 scart
Sky box with 2 Sart
Plasma with XXX connections


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yep really have both in the same system.
It works well at present, but interference abounds on terrestrial tv etc etc, with so many interconnects and power cables criss crossing each other I suppose its not surprising.
Im sure i saw a wiring diagram on this site somewhere.....must delve deeper.
ps all my kit is as below
cheers mate for looking in.


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Horny dragon.
Thanks for stopping by,
budget isnt the issue, I have all the quality interconnects I need, it is in working / running order. My question really is about the best way to connect up the anologue aerial thru the JVC s-vhs video and the digital satellite (not sky), onto the plasma etc, etc. and then, with all the scart outputs versus actual scart inputs, versus comp in/outs, dvd recorders, dvd players, cd players freeview, it adds up to a headache and a new spaghetti junction.
So it works, using my limited knowledge of all bits of the kit and interconnected reasonably well. but is it the best it can be.................

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